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Doree 17th December 2023 Written Update: Doree gives a reality check to Kailash Devi

Doree 17th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kailash Devi telling Thakurian that a few years ago, there was a lakshman rekha in our house. However, he crossed it and allowed the people from the basti to enter. Kailash Devi insists that Ganga Prasad should not stay in this house. Thakurian explains that he did it to save Anand. Kailash Devi argues that she doesn’t want the shadow of those slum people to fall on her house. Thakurian tells her that she can’t control her destiny. He asks her to take care of Ganga Prasad’s family. Meanwhile, Mansi sees Doree helping Anand walk and holding his hand. Anand lets go of her hand when he sees Mansi and almost falls, but Mansi catches him. Mansi says that it’s a game of God. He threw Doree into the garbage, but she brought him back to this house. Anand says that this is not her house and she will go back to where she came from.

Nani admires the haveli and Doree tells Ganga Prasad that they have been here before, but she never thought they would get a chance to stay in this house. Mansi invites them inside, but Kailash Devi stops Doree and tells her not to enter. The priest then splashes water on them, explaining that it is a way of cleaning. Doree tells them that they have already bathed in the Ganga river, so they don’t need it. Mansi explains that they have small babies in the house, which is why she is doing it. Vansh asks Doree to stay there, but Kailash Devi draws a line on the floor and warns Doree not to cross it if she wants to stay in the house, emphasizing that she is not their blood. Doree challenges them by asking if they have yellow or green blood, and suggests that they should see a doctor because she has seen someone with different colored blood who was sick. Kailash Devi clenches her fist and her hand starts bleeding. Doree points out that they all have the same red-colored blood.

Kailash Devi insists that Doree is not part of their bloodline and mentions the difference in their family status. Doree responds confidently, leading Kailash Devi to shout in anger and scare the servant, causing him to drop a bowl. Kailash Devi demands that the servant clean up the broken glass. Vansh tells Doree that this is the difference in blood. Kailash Devi warns Doree again not to cross the line. Mansi intervenes and promises that Doree understands everything and won’t talk back. She then takes Doree to their room. Meanwhile, a guest arrives and Ganga Prasad notices their room is different from the others in the house. Doree asks Ganga Prasad what Kailash Devi said, and he tries to explain to her.

Ganga Prasad and Doree clean and decorate their room. Ganga Prasad excuses himself to bring things from the basti. Nani instructs Doree not to leave the room and asks Ganga Prasad to bring food for her. Meanwhile, Mansi applies haldi to Anand’s wound, and he asks her what she’s thinking. Mansi admits that she’s thinking about Doree and how their baby would have been like her if it had survived. Anand pushes her away, saying that Doree is just a guest and they have no relationship with her. He reminds her that their dead child won’t come back to life.

Episode ends.

Kailash Devi demands that Ganga Prasad become her slave until he pays back the money.


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