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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 27th December 2023 Written Update: Amruta’s plan backfires on her

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 27th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Amruta asking Virat whether he thinks she is a thief. Nimrit questions Amruta, asking why anyone would trust her. Amruta believes that Nimrit will trust her once she knows the truth.

Virat inquires about Amruta’s presence there. Amruta explains that she forgot her phone and came to retrieve it. However, she decides to reveal the truth to Nimrit at a later time and leaves.

Amruta recalls the events of the previous night and wakes up in the morning. She asks Bhavani if she ever thought it would have been better if she hadn’t known about Jayesh and Ishika. Bhavani responds by saying that no matter how much someone hides the truth, it will eventually come out. She adds that the longer it takes for such a truth to be revealed, the more pain it will cause. Bhavani then asks Amruta why she is asking this. Amruta discloses Rajiv’s actions and what happened the previous night.

Amruta goes to Ahuja’s house and asks Virat if there is any work for her. Virat suggests that she can take the day off, but Amruta insists on staying. Shekhar, witnessing this, tells Virat that there is a lot of laundry work that needs to be done. Virat agrees and assigns the task to Amruta, who accepts.

Rajiv crosses paths with Bhavani, who apologizes but later remembers Amruta’s revelation about Rajiv. Bhavani scolds Rajiv and walks away, leaving Rajiv confused about her behavior.

Shekhar guides Amruta and asks her why she wanted to stay there. Amruta explains that she needs to talk to Nimrit. Shekhar then directs Amruta to Nimrit’s room.

Amruta enters Nimrit’s room, where Nimrit expresses concern about her weight gain and her dress not fitting properly. Amruta offers to help, but Nimrit declines.

Amruta tries to inform Nimrit about Rajiv, but Nimrit calls for Virat upon seeing Amruta’s urgency. In a rush, Amruta shows Nimrit a photo of Rajiv and Tara. Nimrit calls for Virat.

Virat arrives and asks Amruta what she has been up to. Nimrit shows the photo to Virat, revealing Rajiv hugging Tara, and questions if Rajiv is cheating on her. Virat becomes furious upon seeing the photo.

Virat interrogates his family about Rajiv’s whereabouts. Rajiv arrives at Ahuja’s house, and Virat questions him about his activities the previous night. Rajiv claims he was in a meeting. Infuriated, Virat slaps Rajiv and demands to know who he was with. Rajiv confesses that he was with Tara. Virat asks Amruta to show the photo to Rajiv and accuses him of cheating on Nimrit.

Tara arrives and offers to tell the truth. She explains that she called Rajiv because her husband was assaulting her, seeking his help. Tara reveals that she and Rajiv are childhood friends. She also shows her hand injuries and a police complaint against her husband, as Rajiv had him arrested.

Amruta claims that Tara is lying and admits to attending the party herself. She reveals that she provided Tara with the waiter’s outfit and hugged Rajiv. Tara denies attending the party and clarifies that she hugged Rajiv, but not in the way it was portrayed.

The Ahuja family believes Tara’s words and berates Amruta. Virat questions Amruta if she has any issues with his family.

The episode concludes.


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