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Katha Ankahee Upcoming Story: Viaan to hand over Earthcon to Vanya!

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Katha Ankahee is a popular Sony TV Entertainment show that has been keeping audiences engaged with its intriguing storyline. In the recent episodes, viewers witnessed Vanya informing Katha about Viaan’s decision, while Aarav couldn’t help but miss Viaan.

The current track showcases Ehsan and Vanya having a discussion about Viaan’s decision, which leads to differences between them once again. Vanya believes that there is still time for Katha and Viaan to reunite. Both Katha and Viaan imagine each other and long for their presence.

Ruhi is pleasantly surprised when Aarav reveals that he has apologized to Nikhil and they have become friends. Ruhi realizes that Viaan is the reason behind Aarav’s positive change. Raghav overhears their conversation and later meets Katha. He suggests that they should give the work for his dream house to another company, and Katha agrees with a smile.

Aarav, Katha, and Viaan continue to miss each other. Vanya shares Viaan’s decision with Katha, hoping that she can convince him to change it. However, Katha does the opposite, which disappoints both Ehsan and Vanya. Raghav questions Katha’s love for Viaan, leaving her speechless.

In the upcoming episode, Aarav will visit Katha’s room and advise her to take a deep breath and listen to her heart whenever she needs to make a big decision or when she is angry. He believes that this will help calm her racing heartbeat. Katha smiles upon hearing Aarav’s words but remains silent when he asks her to promise that she will make decisions in this manner in the future.

Meanwhile, Katha appears sad while holding a saree. Viaan will entrust both family and business responsibilities to Vanya, which surprises her. Katha and Raghav will be seen preparing for their marriage registration. However, Katha receives a call from Ehsan, who mentions Viaan’s name, causing her to worry.

What will happen next? Will Katha and Viaan finally reunite? To find out, stay tuned to for more updates.


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