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Dhruv Tara 29th November 2023 Written Update: Antara Supports Dhruv

Dhruv Tara 29th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bhavosa scolding Dhruv for touching Meenakshi. Dhruva tries to defend himself, but Sona shows a letter to Bhavosa. She tells her that Dhruv had written the letter asking Meenakshi to meet him in the store room. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that he had received the same letter, which instructed him to meet in the store room. Sona reveals that Meenakshi had written the letter to Dhruv. Antara tries to explain to Bhavosa, but she refuses to listen. Sona tells Bhavosa not to entertain any explanations because they have seen Dhruv and Meenakshi in compromising situations with their own eyes. Dhruv attempts to explain, but Bhavosa silences him and tells him to keep quiet. Bhavosa informs Antara that she will not listen to her and that she will discuss the matter with Surya. Bhavosa instructs Sona to take Meenakshi to the doctor for treatment.

Meanwhile, Shaurya is working on a painting and includes a picture of Surya alongside his painting accessories. Surya Partap enters the room to find a letter but is unable to locate it. Shaurya finds the letter and starts reading it. Bheera overhears Shaurya and snatches the letter away. Bheera tells Shaurya that he should be reading a different letter as it contains bad habits that go against the rules. Bheera begins reading the letter, but Surya Pratap interrupts him, stating that he is also not allowed to read others’ letters that go against the rules. Surya asks Bheera to return the letter, but Bheera insists on continuing to read. This angers Surya, and he forcefully takes the letter back. Surya tells himself that he will not accept a “no” from Meenakshi and will wait for her confirmation to start a new life together.

Bhavosa ponders over what Antara told her about Dhruv. Dhruv tries to explain himself, but Bhavosa accuses him of committing a crime. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that he was only trying to help Meenakshi. He suggests that Bhavosa confirm with Meenakshi when she regains consciousness. Sona and Chandi tell Bhavosa that Dhruv was indeed touching Meenakshi and not helping her. They argue that Dhruv should be punished for this and express concern about Meenakshi’s reputation if people were to find out that Dhruv had touched her. Bhavosa insists that she witnessed the incident herself and does not need anyone’s advice. She orders the soldiers to cut off Dhruv’s hand and imprison him. Dhruv pleads with Tara to save him.

Sona and Chandi discuss how their plan to make Bheera the new king failed because Meenakshi became unconscious, and Dhruv ended up taking all the blame. Sona blames Chandi for the failure, and Chandi blames Sona in return. Bheera overhears their conversation and questions them. Sona and Chandi inform Bheera that Dhruv has been imprisoned for touching Meenakshi. Bheera walks away after hearing this.

Antara pleads with Bhavosa not to punish Dhruv because she trusts him and Meenakshi. She suggests waiting for Surya’s arrival to discuss the matter with him. Bhavosa reminds Antara that she had previously wanted to send Dhruv away from the kingdom but is now defending him to avoid punishment. Bhavosa expresses concern about the family’s reputation and asks Antara why she is defending Dhruv. Bheera interrupts and reminds Bhavosa that she had previously announced a death sentence for anyone who tried to touch their daughter. Bhavosa agrees that Dhruv should be given a death sentence, but Antara stops Bheera. Antara tells Bhavosa that they should not forget that Dhruv saved Shaurya’s life. Bheera argues that Dhruv should be punished to prevent others from repeating the same offense. Antara assures Bheera that nothing further will happen. She suggests that they should punish Dhruv but carefully consider the consequences before making a decision. Bhavosa agrees with Antara and orders Dhruv to be imprisoned in the old fort. Antara thanks Kanhaji for saving Dhruv’s life and urges him to be sent to the old fort immediately to protect him from future problems.

Dhruv prays to Kanhaji, asserting his innocence and expressing his disappointment that Tara did not save him. He desperately calls out to meet Surya. Suddenly, Dhruv gets shot and falls unconscious. Antara feels saddened to see Dhruv in this state and slipping away from her.

Precap: Surya learns from Bhavosa that Dhruv has been sent to the old fort by Antara. Antara kisses Dhruv’s forehead.


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