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Keh Doon Tumhein 14th November 2023 Written Update: Vikrant hatches another plan

Keh Doon Tumhein 14th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the lavish preparations for Vikrant and Kirti’s wedding. The tailor brings a collection of expensive and exclusive sarees for the occasion, leaving Madhuri and her family members surprised. The tailor also presents them with some golden jewellery, as requested by Vikrant. Although hesitant, they accept the valuable gifts at the insistence of the tailor.

Kirti, too, feels hesitant about accepting the expensive golden jewellery. She reminisces about their old memories, when they started falling for each other and caring for one another. Vikrant has always taken care of Kirti from the very beginning, treating her with utmost respect and overwhelming her with his love. Kirti questions herself if she truly deserves Vikrant’s valuable love.

Meanwhile, Dev suddenly appears out of nowhere and pleads with Kirti not to marry Vikrant, expressing his disapproval of Puru. However, Kirti remains unconvinced and asks Dev to leave. Dev’s interference only leaves Kirti more puzzled and tense. She demands proof behind his accusations.

Despite Kirti’s denial, Dev firmly insists that Vikrant is not innocent and came to warn Kirti, as he truly cares for her and Puru. Kirti struggles to digest Dev’s assumption but asks him emphatically not to interfere in her personal life. Although Dev has divorced Kirti, he still wants her and Puru to be protected. Unable to understand the truth, Kirti asks him to drop the matter.

Vikrant calls Yadav to ask why Dev came to the police station when the case had been closed. Yadav is unaware of Dev’s visit to the school despite his job transfer. Vikrant tries to decipher Dev’s motives, but Yadav cannot provide any new information. However, Yadav calls Vikrant later and informs him that Dev met a student named Janhavi, who witnessed Ritu’s murderer.

Janhavi is asked to come to the back gate of the school to give her statement to the magistrate’s office. Dev waits at the back gate, but Janhavi has yet to arrive. He tries to reach her through a phone call but fails, causing him to become extremely tense and puzzled. Dev even goes to the school to inquire about Janhavi, fearing that Vikrant may have done something mischievous with her. Suddenly, Vikrant approaches him, and Dev stops his car. Despite searching the car, Dev finds nothing, but he vehemently threatens Vikrant, stating that he will prove him to be a murderer sooner or later.

The episode concludes.

Precap: The next morning, Kirti will be asked to exchange rings with Vikrant since she didn’t give him the ring previously. She happily follows the instructions of Madhuri and Aau, while the entire family rejoices. On the other hand, Dev will be stopped by the police, who will then search his car. They discover something mysterious and shocking.


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