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Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Story: Vikran and Kirti’s engagement!

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Star Plus’s thrilling mystery show Keh Doon Tumhein is currently focused on the marriage of Vikrant and Kirti. Dev will approach Kirti with some urgent news that leaves her shocked. He reveals that he has discovered the reason to arrest Vikrant. Although Kirti listens carefully, she is unsure about what she should do.

In the current track, Vikrant’s arrangement surprises Madhuri and her family members. Kirti is also hesitant about accepting all the expensive golden jewelry from him. However, Vikrant has always taken care of Kirti and treated her with utmost respect since day one, which overwhelms her.

Suddenly, Dev appears out of nowhere and asks Kirti not to marry Vikrant. He doesn’t want to see her with that giant. Kirti finds it hard to accept Dev’s assumption but firmly tells him not to interfere in her personal life. Although Dev has divorced Kirti, he genuinely wants her and Puru to be safe.

In the upcoming episode, Kirti will be asked to exchange rings with Vikrant as she didn’t give him the ring before. She happily follows the instructions of Madhuri and Aau. The family members are overjoyed and overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Dev is stopped by the police and his car is searched. They find something mysterious and shocking.

Will Kirti listen to Dev? Will she uncover Vikrant’s mystery?

All these questions will be answered in the next episodes, so keep watching Keh Doon Tumhein for more interesting updates!

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