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Meet 14th November 2023 Written Update: Shlok receives success he deserves

Meet 14th November 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with a music company producer questioning Sumeet about Shlok’s inability to sing. Sumeet assures him that she will talk to Shlok and he will give his best performance today. Sumeet advises Shlok to forget about everyone else in the room and imagine it’s just him and her. Shlok sings beautifully, impressing everyone present. He successfully records the song, receiving applause from the team.

Shlok and Sumeet return home to find the lights turned off. Their entire family surprises them by decorating the walls with photos of Sumeet and Shlok. Raj and Rajeev inform Shlok that his new song’s teaser is already a hit with millions of views. They reveal that Mr. Ambani informed them about the success, and a party is planned to celebrate. They also share the news of Shagun’s company closing down and her fleeing to America with Raunak.

Everyone expresses relief that Shagun has left, as she had caused them a lot of pain. They prepare for Mr. Ambani’s arrival with the media. Sumeet brings Pankhuri, who had previously misbehaved with Raj and Priyanka, to the gathering. Poonam insists that Pankhuri does not have the right to be part of the celebrations, but Sumeet convinces them that Pankhuri is also a member of the family.

Shlok asks Sarthak, Raj, and Priyanka if they can forgive Pankhuri. Sumeet explains that it may be difficult for them, but if Pankhuri isn’t forgiven, she will suffer from guilt. Pankhuri tearfully apologizes and promises to leave forever. Sumeet pleads with everyone to forgive Pankhuri, and Priyanka eventually forgives her. Pankhuri then apologizes to Sarthak and Sumeet places her hand in Sarthak’s, signifying his acceptance. Mr. Ambani arrives with the media and asks Shlok who he wants to credit for his success.

Shlok praises his wife Sumeet and states that she is the reason behind his success. Raj acknowledges that Sumeet embodies the essence of Meet, as she is willing to endure pain to bring happiness to others. He declares that Sumeet and Meet are inseparable. The family applauds Sumeet, and Raj and Shlok lift her in celebration. The launch of Chanda Ve, Sumeet and Shlok’s new album, concludes the episode with Shlok singing and the entire family dancing while Sumeet plays the dhol.


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