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Meet 13th November 2023 Written Update: Shlok surprises Sumeet

Meet 13th November 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with the marriage of Raj and Priyanka. The beautiful song “Mile Ho Tum Humko” plays in the background as they perform the wedding rituals. Sumeet and Shlok share a glance and remember their own marriage. Sumeet smiles, while Shlok feels remorseful for his past behavior towards Sumeet. Raj and Priyanka complete their marriage rituals. Sumeet expresses her conflicting emotions, unsure whether to be sad about her sister-in-law leaving the house or happy about her becoming her brother’s wife. Shlok reminds Priyanka about true love and assures her that Raj will always be there for her. He advises her never to hurt her partner.

Priyanka becomes emotional, and Shlok urges her to take care of herself. Shlok acknowledges that he was in the wrong for his actions towards Sumeet and that no amount of apologies can make up for it. He sweetly presents Sumeet with a pamphlet saying “sorry” and asks if she can forgive him. Sumeet admits that he has hurt her deeply, but also acknowledges that nobody loves her as much as he does. They embrace each other emotionally, and Anju playfully teases them, suggesting they continue their emotional moment after Priyanka’s farewell.

The next day, Sumeet sits on a bike and tells Shlok that she is going to “kidnap” him. Shlok inquires about when she learned to ride a bike. Sumeet explains that riding a bike is nothing compared to the journey of life she has already experienced. Sumeet reveals that she has always wanted to be like Meet and feels that life is gradually shaping her into someone like Meet. She worked hard to learn how to ride a bike. Shlok asks where they are going, and Sumeet replies that they will go wherever the road takes them. However, Shlok receives a call and informs Sumeet that there is a big problem. He asks her to follow his directions.

Shlok takes Sumeet to a cafe that he has decorated as a surprise for her. They spend a romantic time together, and Shlok reminds her that it’s the same cafe where he first invited her for coffee. He continues to express his love for Sumeet and has their favorite coffee served. Shlok confesses that he may not be able to fully articulate how much he loves her but promises to fulfill all her dreams and become her “wonderboy.” He proudly proclaims his love for Sumeet, making her blush.

Shlok and Sumeet dance romantically together. The director of a music company expresses confidence in the launch of a new song, predicting that it will soon become a popular hit. Shlok feels nervous, but Sumeet encourages him. She reminds him that his voice is a blessing from Goddess Saraswati. She boosts his confidence and advises him to sing with his heart and emotions. The director tells Shlok to relax and start recording his new song. However, Shlok becomes increasingly nervous and makes multiple mistakes during the recording. He fails to record the song successfully. The episode ends with the director asking Sumeet why Shlok is struggling to sing well.


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