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Meet 12th November 2023 Written Update: Pankhuri gets exposed

Meet 12th November 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Sumeet asking the pharmacy staff to show the CCTV footage from a specific day. Meanwhile, Raj and Pankhuri are taking their vows while Priyanka continues to cry. Sumeet notices Pankhuri buying medicine in the footage and asks the shopkeeper about its purpose. He informs Sumeet that it is a hallucinating tablet and that the person consuming it doesn’t remember what happens during that period. Sumeet realizes that Pankhuri had made Raj consume the tablets to sedate him. She decides to confront Pankhuri in her own way.

Sumeet returns home and finds Raj and Pankhuri completing their vows. Suddenly, the media enters and asks Raj about the rumors of his debt and failing company. Sumeet calls Raj and tells him to play along as it is the only way to expose Pankhuri’s true intentions. Pankhuri asks Raj if the rumors are true. Raj confirms that he has indeed lost all his properties and is in a dire financial situation. He reveals that he has a lot of bank loans in his name. Raj tells Pankhuri that they will face their responsibilities together for Mayra, and despite all this, he knows she will still marry him because he can see true love in her eyes.

Sumeet hopes that Pankhuri will soon reveal her true colors and expose herself. However, Shlok defends Pankhuri, stating that she is marrying for dignity, not money. He asks the priest to continue with the rituals. Pankhuri contemplates whether she should marry Raj, knowing that he is bankrupt. Sumeet wonders why Pankhuri is not reacting to the situation. As Raj is about to fill Pankhuri’s hairline, she suddenly pushes his hand away and declares that she does not want to marry him. She believes that it is her misfortune that she removed Sarthak from her life by falsely accusing him.

Sumeet confronts Pankhuri and exposes her game, revealing that Pankhuri had blamed Sarthak for recording Priyanka’s video – a video that Pankhuri had actually recorded herself. She explains how Pankhuri sedated Raj and manipulated him. Sumeet also reveals how Pankhuri had been continuously hurting Priyanka. Pankhuri tries to act innocent again, but Priyanka slaps her. Sarthak apologizes to Sumeet for telling the truth but being unable to help expose Pankhuri’s lies due to her threats to take Mayra away from him. The family members question Pankhuri about her actions, and Poonam tells her that she has lost all her relationships because of her greed for money.

Dadi and Poonam apologize to Raj and Sarthak for misunderstanding them. Shlok embraces Sarthak, and Raj and Poonam hug each other. Raj thanks Sumeet for taking care of his life, despite his promise to take care of her. Priyanka also expresses her gratitude towards Sumeet, and the three of them share a hug. Shlok feels guilty for saying harsh words to Sumeet because of Pankhuri. He hopes that Raj can forgive him and they embrace, while Sumeet smiles. Finally, Raj and Priyanka get married on the same mandap. The episode ends with Shlok wondering if Sumeet will forgive him or not.


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