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Meet 11th November 2023 Written Update: Pankhuri blackmails Sarthak

Meet 11th November 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Sarthak expressing his belief that Pankhuri is capable of going to any lengths to become wealthy, including removing him as an obstacle. Poonam suggests filing a complaint against Raj, but Pankhuri manipulates them emotionally by crying and threatening to harm herself. Shlok, however, promises to seek justice for Pankhuri, regardless of the consequences for his relationship with Sumeet. Sumeet implores Sarthak to accompany her home and expose Pankhuri’s true nature, as she is ruining several lives. Sarthak agrees, acknowledging the love he has received from the family and his responsibility to reveal the truth for the sake of his daughter.

Sumeet is relieved that she can finally reveal the truth to Shlok. Pankhuri claims that the only way to protect her dignity and secure her daughter’s future is to marry Raj, although she knows he would never agree. Shlok falls into her trap, stating that he will ensure Raj marries Pankhuri, regardless of the risks. Later, Shlok and Poonam shock Raj by requesting him to marry Pankhuri.

Raj refuses, stating that he can accept any punishment except marrying Pankhuri, as he loves Priyanka. Shlok reveals his divorce papers with Sumeet and blackmails Raj. Raj remembers his promise to Meet to always take care of Sumeet and reluctantly agrees to marry Pankhuri for Sumeet’s happiness. Pankhuri smirks with satisfaction as her plan succeeds. However, Sumeet arrives just as they are about to get married and demands that the wedding be stopped. She questions Raj about his decision to enter into a relationship with Pankhuri despite his love for Priyanka. Priyanka also pleads with Sumeet to halt the marriage. Sumeet calls Sarthak inside.

Sumeet asks Sarthak to reveal the truth about Pankhuri’s actions. Shlok becomes angry and tries to dismiss Sarthak, but Sumeet reminds him that they were once friends and should allow Sarthak to speak. Sarthak claims that all the accusations against Pankhuri are false and that Sumeet manipulated him into saying those things. Sumeet is shocked and asks Sarthak why he is lying. Sarthak recalls Pankhuri threatening him not to expose her secrets, or he will never see Mayra again. He explains that he wants Mayra back, so he will do as Pankhuri says.

Sumeet vows to expose Pankhuri’s truth regardless. Shlok interrupts and hands Sumeet the divorce papers, warning her that if she goes against Pankhuri, it will be the end of their relationship. Raj tells Sumeet that he has made compromises in his life and asks her to let it go. Sumeet pleads with Shlok to take back his words. Shlok then warns Raj that he must marry Pankhuri if he wants to maintain his relationship with Sumeet. Sumeet wonders how she can find evidence against Pankhuri. Raj cries as he proceeds with exchanging garlands with Pankhuri and begins the wedding rituals. Meanwhile, Sumeet recalls seeing Pankhuri at a medical store and decides to request the CCTV footage from that day. The episode ends with Pankhuri eagerly anticipating her marriage to Raj Alhawat.


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