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Meet 10th November 2023 Written Update: Raj and Priyanka’s marriage breaks

Meet 10th November 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Shlok accusing Sumeet of betraying his trust by supporting Raj despite knowing what he did to Pankhuri. Sumeet denies having any knowledge about Raj’s actions towards Pankhuri. Pankhuri claims that Sumeet is lying and reveals that she herself placed a letter in Shlok’s pocket. Priyanka supports Sumeet and asserts that she is telling the truth since only she and Raj were aware of the incident. Priyanka also exposes Pankhuri’s continuous pursuit of Raj through anonymous messages. Pankhuri argues with Priyanka and tries to manipulate her emotionally.

Poonam questions Priyanka about her decision to marry Raj despite knowing about his mistreatment of Pankhuri. Sumeet defends Priyanka’s choice and asks Pankhuri why she agreed to go abroad with Raj. Pankhuri puts on a dramatic performance, claiming that she was sacrificing herself to save Sumeet and Shlok’s marriage. She even takes a knife and pretends to attempt self-harm. Shlok tells Sumeet that if she wants answers, she should question her brother instead, as he will ensure that Raj is held accountable for his actions. Sumeet falls to the ground in pain, but Shlok leaves without acknowledging her.

Sumeet decides to expose the truth to Shlok. Raj, on the other hand, believes that soon Priyanka will be his forever. However, he is shocked when he sees Shlok approaching. Shlok is about to attack Raj, but Sumeet intervenes and stops him. Sumeet pleads with Raj to reveal what happened that day, assuring him that she will always support him. Shlok accuses Sumeet of disloyalty and claims that if Raj wants justice for Pankhuri, then Sumeet will stand against him. Shlok forcibly takes the mangalsutra from Raj’s hand and breaks it, declaring that Raj should forget about marrying Priyanka since Sumeet has forgotten she is married to Shlok.

Shlok tells Sumeet that their relationship is irreparably damaged, and he no longer trusts either her or Raj. Sumeet begs Raj to disclose the truth about that day. Meanwhile, Pankhuri eagerly awaits her wedding with Raj. Priyanka asserts that she is leaving the house to be with Raj, as she knows he would never disrespect any woman. Pankhuri tries to stop her and accuses Raj of rape. Priyanka, however, stands firm in her decision and declares that she will go against her family to marry Raj. Poonam forcibly takes Priyanka back. Sumeet realizes that Shlok has left the room singing to avoid triggering memories of their relationship.

Sumeet reminisces about her happy moments with Shlok but is disheartened when he returns home and rejects the food she serves. Raj and Priyanka sit in their respective rooms, heartbroken. Shlok takes his guitar and recalls his moments with Sumeet. In a fit of anger, he breaks the strings of the guitar, injuring his own fingers. Sumeet looks at him helplessly, determined not to let their relationship crumble easily and not to let Pankhuri ruin so many lives. Sumeet meets Sarthak and questions why he was falsely accused. Local people arrive and start badmouthing Raj, even harassing Pankhuri. Pankhuri remembers instigating the people and spreading rumors. The episode concludes with Poonam and Shlok telling the crowd to go ahead and attack Raj if they wish, but to leave Pankhuri alone. Sumeet is shocked to discover that Pankhuri falsely accused Sarthak.


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