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Meet Upcoming Story: Will Raj have to marry Pankhuri?

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Zee TV Entertainment’s long-running show, Meet, is currently going through a tumultuous phase due to Pankhuri’s deceitful manipulations. The question now arises: will Sumeet be able to expose her?

In the previous episode, Pankhuri reached out to Raj, but he firmly instructed her to stop contacting him and promptly ended the call. Sumeet reveals that Raj had come to discuss a marriage proposal for Priyanka.

Priyanka recollects Raj’s call, where he confessed everything – from Pankhuri’s false accusations to his assistance driven by guilt. Priyanka expresses her desire to marry Raj because he was upfront about the truth.

Pankhuri cunningly takes Raj’s letter and slips it into Shlok’s pocket. Shlok notices the letter and reads its contents. Pankhuri weeps and accuses Raj and Sumeet of manipulating Priyanka into marrying Raj, who supposedly assaulted her. She even lies, claiming that Sumeet has been aware of the incident since it happened. Shlok interrupts the wedding ritual and confronts Sumeet for supporting Raj. He plans to show Sumeet the letter, which will undoubtedly leave her astonished.

In the upcoming episode, Shlok declares that he will seek justice for Pankhuri and what Raj has done to her. Pankhuri suggests that he should marry her instead. Shlok then shocks Raj by threatening to divorce Sumeet if he refuses to marry Pankhuri.

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