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Meet 9th November 2023 Written Update: Pankhuri manipulates Shlok

Meet 9th November 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Pankhuri trying to reach out to Raj, but he firmly tells her to stop contacting him and hangs up. However, Pankhuri is determined to make Raj hers. Raj visits the Chowdhury house, and Pankhuri wonders if he has come to reveal the truth. Shlok angrily asks Raj to leave, but Poonam requests Sumeet to bring Priyanka there. Sumeet explains that Raj has come to discuss a marriage proposal for Priyanka. However, Poonam insists that it should be Priyanka’s decision alone. Shlok advises Priyanka not to say yes until she gets answers to all her questions.

Priyanka remembers Raj’s phone call, where he confessed everything, from Pankhuri accusing him to him helping her out of guilt. He also expressed his love for only Priyanka. Dadi and Poonam encourage Priyanka to follow her heart without feeling pressured. Priyanka decides to marry Raj because he has already revealed the truth to her. When Shlok asks her to share the truth, she insists on keeping it between herself and Raj. Priyanka trusts Raj and even requests Shlok not to direct his anger towards Sumeet.

Dadi believes that if Priyanka has made a decision, they should all respect it and trust Raj. Poonam announces that the marriage will take place in two days, and they will perform the haldi ritual today. Dadi advises Shlok to forget everything and be a part of his sister’s happiness. The haldi ceremony for Raj and Priyanka begins. Sumeet tries to talk to Shlok, but he refuses to acknowledge her and warns her not to mention Raj’s name in front of him. Pankhuri is determined to stop the marriage. Sumeet brings Priyanka to the hall and thanks her for trusting Raj, assuring her that she can trust Sumeet as well. Sumeet admits to witnessing Raj’s struggle due to the truth and requests Priyanka to share it, but she refuses.

Sumeet wonders what the secret could be since Raj has never hidden anything from her. Pankhuri approaches Shlok and manipulates him emotionally, insisting that Priyanka is innocent and the marriage should be stopped. Shlok reveals that he is against the marriage but feels helpless as Priyanka herself wants to go ahead with it. Raj smiles at Priyanka and takes a seat beside her. Anju brings the haldi, and Sumeet tries to talk to Shlok again, but he continues to ignore her.

Pankhuri remembers taking the letter written by Raj and believes that once Shlok discovers the truth, his anger will explode. She secretly slips the letter into Shlok’s pocket while he is on a call. Family members apply haldi to Raj and Priyanka. Pankhuri approaches Shlok and asks for a handkerchief, causing the letter to fall out of his pocket. Shlok notices it and reads the letter. He pulls Pankhuri aside and questions if what is written in the letter is true. Pankhuri cries and resumes her act. She blames Raj and Sumeet for manipulating Priyanka into marrying Raj, who allegedly raped her. She even falsely claims that Sumeet has known about the incident all along. Shlok interrupts the marriage ritual and confronts Sumeet for supporting Raj. The episode concludes with Sumeet reading Raj’s letter.


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