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Meet Upcoming Story: Will Raj and Priyanka get married?

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Zee TV Entertainment’s show Meet is currently showcasing the plot where Pankhuri has manipulated everyone into believing that Raj is at fault. However, despite this, Priyanka still agrees to marry Raj and trust him. The question now arises, what will Pankhuri do next?

In the previous episode, Shlok reveals to his family members that Raj has cheated both Priyanka and Pankhuri. Surprisingly, Priyanka chooses to stand by Raj’s side and holds his hand.

Raj, on the other hand, recalls being accused by Pankhuri of misbehaving with her and fails to meet Priyanka’s gaze. Pankhuri claims that if any mistake has been made, it is by both of them and further asserts that there is a relationship between her and Raj.

Continuing with her web of lies, Pankhuri states that she and Raj are in love, which shocks everyone, including Raj himself. Raj eventually meets Priyanka and confesses that he only loves her. Shlok and Poonam demand Raj to tell the truth about everything. Shlok advises Priyanka to move on from Raj.

In the upcoming episode, Shlok will ask Priyanka to reject Raj’s proposal. However, Priyanka will insist on marrying Raj. This will make Pankhuri feel jealous, prompting her to write a letter to Shlok, claiming that Raj and Sumeet have manipulated Priyanka into marrying Raj. She will even accuse Raj of raping her. In anger, Shlok will demand the wedding rituals to be stopped. Will Pankhuri succeed in her evil game?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space.


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