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Meet 8th November 2023 Written Update: Priyanka stands by Raj’s side

Meet 8th November 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Shlok revealing that Raj has deceived both Priyanka and Pankhuri. Priyanka defends Raj, stating that he supported her when her video went viral and Shlok was in Pakistan. She believes that Raj takes care of Pankhuri because she is his sister and wants her to be happy. Priyanka stands by Raj’s side and firmly states that she will not tolerate any accusations against her fiancé. Shlok challenges Raj to look into Priyanka’s eyes and confess that he and Pankhuri have not done anything morally wrong.

Raj, however, is reminded of Pankhuri’s accusation of misbehavior and fails to meet Priyanka’s gaze. Shlok asks Sumeet to share the doctor’s opinion regarding Pankhuri’s illness. Pankhuri worries that if Shlok blames Raj, her lies will be exposed. Before Shlok can reveal the truth, Pankhuri interjects, claiming that he is mistaken. She insists that if any mistakes were made, both she and Raj are responsible. Pankhuri continues to say that there is a connection between her and Raj. Despite Priyanka’s pleas for Raj to deny it, he remains silent due to guilt.

Pankhuri continues to lie, shocking everyone, including Raj, by declaring her love for him. She claims to have gathered the courage to confess her feelings. Sumeet insists that Pankhuri is lying, as Raj has sworn on her and Meet that he loves only Priyanka. Pankhuri argues with Shlok and defends Raj. Raj interrupts the argument and tries to calm Pankhuri. He confesses to Sumeet that he has something to admit. Raj reveals that one day, he and Pankhuri were alone at his home, but before he can finish, Poonam slaps him in anger.

Poonam accuses Raj of betraying Priyanka and forbids him from calling her mother. She blames him for disrespecting both daughters of their family. Priyanka faints, and Shlok pushes Raj away. Later, Raj confronts Pankhuri for lying about his love for her. Pankhuri emotionally manipulates Raj, claiming that she did it to save Shlok and Sumeet’s relationship. She explains that if Shlok were to find out about Raj’s misbehavior, he would ask Sumeet to sever ties with him. Pankhuri pleads with Raj to make Shlok believe that they love each other for Sumeet’s sake.

Priyanka regains consciousness and calls for Raj, but Shlok refuses to let her speak to him. Sumeet approaches Raj and tells him that she knows he truly loves Priyanka and must be hiding the truth for a valid reason. She encourages him to stop hiding the truth from Priyanka and be honest for the sake of their true love. Raj goes to meet Priyanka and confesses that he only loves her. Shlok and Poonam demand that Raj tell the whole truth. Raj admits his mistake but affirms his genuine feelings for Priyanka. Raj and Sumeet share an emotional moment. Shlok advises Priyanka to move on from Raj. The episode concludes with Shlok urging Priyanka to seek all the answers from Raj, while Sumeet resolves to uncover Raj’s secret.


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