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Meet Upcoming Story: Shlok angrily confronts Raj

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Zee TV Entertainment’s long-running show, Meet, is currently showcasing Sumeet’s distress after Shlok blames Raj and distrusts him. The question now is, how will she expose Pankhuri?

In the previous episode, Shlok informed Sumeet that Raj is the one behind everything and that Pankhuri is innocent. Pankhuri notices Shlok in the car’s rearview mirror and manipulates the situation to make him believe that Raj is kissing her. Shlok accuses Raj of playing with Priyanka and Pankhuri’s emotions.

To prevent any further misunderstandings, Priyanka suggests that Shlok and Sumeet talk it out. Shlok eagerly asks when Raj will arrive, but Sumeet advises him not to say anything to Raj. Shlok warns Sumeet that if either of his sisters gets hurt because of her or Raj, he will never forgive her.

Later, Shlok catches Pankhuri trying to harm herself with candle wax. She puts on an act and claims that she has deceived Priyanka, blaming Raj for pressuring her. Raj reassures Sumeet that he doesn’t love Pankhuri at all.

In the upcoming episode, Shlok, filled with anger, confronts Sumeet and demands that she speak up or he will expose the secret himself. However, before he can reveal what the doctor said, Pankhuri interrupts and admits that both she and Raj are equally to blame for their relationship. Poonam, in her fury, slaps Raj for playing with her love, respect, and for betraying Priyanka’s emotions.

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