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Junooniyatt 3rd November 2023 Written Update: Jahan ties the knot with Ilahi

Junooniyatt 3rd November 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Jordan calling Jahan from an unknown number, which leaves Jahan feeling panicked. In order to handle the situation, Jahan informs the priest that he has to urgently leave for something and advises him not to inform anyone about it. When Jahan arrives at the designated spot, the police ask him to identify a body. To his shock, Jahan discovers that the body in the coffin is none other than Jordan. He feels a sense of pity for him. However, Jordan quickly takes advantage of the situation and makes Jahan lose consciousness. He believes that by not using his phone, people will assume his story has come to an end. Jordan instructs his henchmen to place him inside the coffin.

Meanwhile, Ilahi expresses her concern to Husna, stating that she has a feeling something bad is going to happen to Jahan. She urges Husna to check on him in his room. Ilahi follows her and discovers that Jahan’s wedding attire is present, but he is nowhere to be found. She tries calling him, but his phone is switched off. Suddenly, there is a power outage.

Unbeknownst to Ilahi, Jordan arrives at the scene in disguise. Mistaking him for Jahan, Ilahi embraces him and expresses her fear that Jordan will attempt to stop the wedding. Eventually, Ilahi realizes that the man she has embraced is actually Jordan. He seizes her and warns her not to dare to shout, revealing that Jahan’s life is in danger. Jordan then shows Ilahi a video of Jahan, causing her to become agitated. He gives her an ultimatum, demanding that she marry him or else Jahan will die. Jordan emphasizes that no one has been able to locate where the coffin was buried. Ilahi protests, claiming that Jordan is in the wrong. However, Jordan asserts that she belongs to him and insists that she agree to marry him.

Later, Dolly becomes worried about Ilahi, who reassures her that Jahan is with her. Jordan and Ilahi sit down at the wedding altar. Ilahi contemplates how she will inform everyone that the person standing next to her is not Jahan. Meanwhile, Jordan believes he is about to marry Ilahi and that Jahan is going to die. Dolly proceeds to tie the ceremonial knot, and the priest instructs them to take their vows around the sacred fire.

Unexpectedly, Jahan emerges from the coffin. Ilahi pretends to fall to the ground and informs Dolly that the person standing next to her is actually Jordan. She reveals that Jahan’s life is in danger, warning Dolly not to react or else Jordan will kill Jahan. Jahan fights with the henchmen and manages to escape. Dolly informs Baljeet that Jahan’s life is in jeopardy, and one by one, the family members learn the truth. Jahan hitches a ride to make it to the wedding altar. Varun informs the police about Jahan’s perilous situation. Meanwhile, Ilahi pretends to faint, leading Baljeet to instruct Husna to take her inside. However, Jordan intervenes, holding a knife to Ilahi’s neck. He orders the priest to begin the wedding ceremony and forcefully makes Ilahi marry him. Jahan arrives at the scene and pulls Jordan away, engaging in a fight with him. Ilahi pleads with Jahan to let Jordan go, swearing at him. The police arrive and arrest Jordan. Ilahi states that she has never prayed for someone’s life to be ruined, but she wants to ruin Jordan’s life. The police take him away, and Jahan and Ilahi finally get married. The priest advises them to seek their parents’ blessings, and Tina suggests taking a selfie, while Mahi glares at them.

A few years later,

The family members dote on Jahan’s baby, and Ilahi admires the scene. Jahan suggests going out for dinner, and Ilahi invites everyone to join. However, Ilahi receives a phone call that leaves her shocked—it’s Jordan’s voice on the other end. Jahan is equally stunned.

Episode ends


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