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Junooniyatt 2nd November 2023 Written Update: Jordan gets escaped

Junooniyatt 2nd November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tina and Jahaan informing everyone that Jordan is missing from the house. Dada reveals that Jordan has managed to escape. Jahaan confronts Seerat and demands to know where Jordan is. Seerat claims she has no idea. Jahaan threatens to send her to jail, but she pleads with Ilahi to intervene. Seerat’s mother believes that Seerat deserves to go to jail for her sins. Jahaan forcefully takes Seerat away, but her father intervenes and promises to take her himself.

Jahaan realizes that Jordan’s mother is also missing. She arrives and lies about going out to buy gifts. Bebe reveals that Jordan had attempted to kill Ilahi. Jahaan decides to file a case against Jordan as well. Jordan’s mother begs him not to do so. Dada advises Jahaan to call the police. Jahaan’s mother apologizes to Ilahi and offers her hand to Jahaan for marriage. Ilahi and Jahaan embrace each other.

Shortly after, preparations for Ilahi and Jahaan’s wedding begin. Jahaan asks the police inspector to inform him if Jordan is found. Meanwhile, Jordan calls his mother. Jahaan’s mother advises Jahaan to be happy with Ilahi.

Ilahi gets ready as the bride and senses Jordan’s presence. Her mother reassures her that no one is there and that Jordan won’t return. Ilahi insists that Jordan will come back. Her mother reminds her of Jahaan’s love and support. Jahaan’s mother joins them and assures Ilahi that nothing can separate her and Jahaan.

Jordan’s mother meets him and provides him with food. She informs him about Ilahi and Jahaan’s wedding. He asks if she brought money, to which she confirms and also reveals that she has his passport and ticket. She urges him to leave India for a few years.

Jahaan encourages Ilahi to stop worrying about Jordan as the police will soon catch him. He assures her that they can conquer the world together. He also informs her about the police’s security measures and assures her of his support.

Outside the airport, Jordan’s mother promises to call him. However, Jordan insists on leaving and goes inside. She reflects on her lack of options and reluctantly leaves. Jordan steps out and declares that he cannot leave without completing his mission.

Jahaan and Ilahi arrive at the wedding mandap. Jordan appears and silently vows to disrupt the marriage. Jahaan and Ilahi exchange garlands and Jahaan promises to be her friend and keep her happy. Jordan observes this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jordan takes pheres with Ilahi while wearing a veil. Jahaan attempts to escape.


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