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Junooniyatt 1st November 2023 Written Update: Ilahi exposes Seerat

Junooniyatt 1st November 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Dadi informs Jahaan that Ilahi saved his life, leaving him speechless. Tina tells Jahaan that no one can love him like Ilahi. Overwhelmed, Jahaan silently walks away. Ilahi confides in Dadi, expressing her love for Jahaan and why she saved him. Jahaan’s mother thanks Ilahi for her heroic act but refuses to accept her as a daughter-in-law. Ilahi defends herself, stating that she did what any person in love would do, even without proof. She promises to protect Jahaan at all costs. Meanwhile, Jahaan overhears the conversation and breaks down emotionally.

Ilahi meets with Seerat, assuring her that her love for Jahaan is genuine. She reminds Seerat that their time is running out, as only two days remain for her to expose Jordan and Seerat’s true intentions. Seerat dismisses Ilahi’s claims, confident that she won’t be able to prove anything against her. Ilahi suspects that Seerat was behind the recent accident and questions her if she tried to harm Jahaan deliberately. Seerat storms off without answering, leaving Ilahi determined to make her doubt Jordan.

Seerat confronts Jordan in the garden, asking him if he tried to kill Jahaan. Jordan dismisses her concerns, accusing her of being blinded by love. Seerat confesses her deep love for Jahaan and even admits to attempting to harm her own sister for his sake. She demands the truth from Jordan, who finally confesses his attempt on Jahaan’s life. Seerat decides to expose him, but Jordan threatens to reveal her secrets as well. He leaves, leaving Seerat worried about the video she possesses. Unbeknownst to her, Ilahi overhears their conversation.

Meanwhile, Tina plans to take food to Jordan, unaware that Ilahi has added sleeping pills to his meal. Seerat tries to convince Jahaan of her love for him, mentioning that he even fasted for her. However, Jahaan asks her to stop her efforts.

Later, Ilahi notices that Jordan has fallen asleep and takes advantage of the situation by taking his phone. She discovers the incriminating video that could expose Seerat’s true nature. Seerat arrives and makes it clear that she won’t let Ilahi leave the room, determined not to lose Jahaan again. Ilahi manages to escape, with Seerat giving chase. During the pursuit, Ilahi drops the phone due to Seerat’s interference.

Jahaan picks up the phone and Ilahi informs him that there is proof on it. Seerat denies the existence of any evidence and reminds Jahaan of how she made him a star. She demands that he hand over the phone to her. Ilahi, unable to tolerate Seerat’s manipulation, slaps her. She urges Jahaan to watch the video, and as everyone gathers around, they witness Seerat’s true colors. Furious, Jahaan embraces Ilahi and tries to attack Seerat, but Ilahi stops him. Jahaan apologizes to Ilahi, while Seerat reveals that Jordan is her partner in crime.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, as Jordan plans to disrupt Jahaan and Ilahi’s upcoming marriage.

Precap – Jordan devises a plan to prevent Jahaan and Ilahi’s wedding.


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