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Keh Doon Tumhein 16th November 2023 Written Update: Kirti misses Anjali

Keh Doon Tumhein 16th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikrant giving the wedding card to the principal, which surprises the latter. Meanwhile, Dev learns about Vikrant and Kirti’s marriage. He becomes determined to expose Vikrant.

A few hours before

Madhuri becomes emotional after learning Aau’s effort to give Kirti a wedding gift. Aau praises both Kirti and Madhuri. Shreyas expresses his happiness about Vikrant and Kirti’s marriage. They all decide to have food together with Kirti as she is getting married the next day. Just before they all leave, news arrives about Dev’s involvement in Bittu’s and Janhavi’s death. Both Madhuri and Aau are shocked. Madhuri shares her fear about Kirti’s safety with the Mores, but Shreyas and others assure her that Vikrant will protect Kirti.

There, Vikrant sees the news about Dev. He smirks and thinks that his plan to remove Dev from his path has succeeded, so now he can marry Kirti without any problem. He remembers his moments with Kirti and looks happy. In the police station, Jadhav scolds Garur for going against him and supporting Dev. He mocks Garur by pointing out the consequences of his actions. Garur pleads with Jadhav to forgive him, explaining that he is forced to follow Dev’s orders as Dev is his senior officer. He manages to convince Jadhav to forgive him by offering a laddoo box. Jadhav becomes happy and forgives Garur.

Both Jadhav and Garur decide to send a statement regarding the murders that took place in Panchgaon to the Headquarters. Garur asks Jadhav for help in writing the report. Jadhav instructs Garur to follow his guidance. During their conversation, Garur asks Jadhav whether he should mention Bittu’s partner. Jadhav scolds him for complicating the case and asks Garur to follow his instructions in closing the case. Garur agrees.

Kirti becomes emotional as she looks at Anjali’s photo. She remembers Anjali’s insistence on making her move to Panchgaon. She also recalls learning about Anjali’s death. She cries and expresses her pain of not being able to be with Anjali. She thanks Anjali for convincing her to come to Panchgaon, which led her to meet Vikrant, a genuine person whom she is going to marry in a few hours. She also credits Vikrant for helping her get justice for Anjali and for being there for her through thick and thin.

Meanwhile, Vikrant meets the school principal and the lady teacher. He invites them to his wedding. They are surprised to learn that Vikrant is marrying Kirti, but they assure him that they will take part in the wedding ceremony. After Vikrant leaves, both the principal and the teacher regret their past behavior towards Kirti. They hope that Kirti didn’t say anything to Vikrant.

Dev learns through Neha’s vlog about Kirti and Vikrant’s marriage. He is shocked but determined to stop their wedding, as he believes Vikrant is not the right person to marry Kirti and become Puru’s father. Meanwhile, Vikrant invites Jadhav and Garur to his wedding. He is happy to learn that Jadhav closed the case and praises him, which makes Jadhav happy. On the other hand, Dev is determined to give Vikrant a taste of his own medicine and takes a pistol in his hand.

Precap: Dev points the gun at Vikrant. Kirti hears the sound of a bullet firing and is shocked. Vikrant takes the pistol away from Dev and smirks.


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