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Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Story: Dev holds Vikrant at gun point!

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Currently, Star Plus’s Keh Doon Tumhein revolves around the marriage of Vikrant and Kirti, with Dev determined to stop their wedding and expose Vikrant’s truth to Kirti.

In the previous episode, the More family made all the arrangements for Vikrant and Kirti’s marriage. Kirti was overjoyed to see her family members happy, crediting Vikrant for bringing love and happiness into her life.

Meanwhile, the police conducted vehicle checks in Panchgaon, including Vikrant and Dev’s cars. Despite Dev’s attempt to convince them to spare his car due to his status as a police officer, they insisted on searching it and discovered Janhavi’s body.

Vikrant was captivated by Kirti’s beauty as she appeared in front of him, all decked up. They danced together, and Kirti noticed an injury on Vikrant’s hand. Vikrant quickly made up an excuse, but he couldn’t forget about killing Janhavi and hiding her body in Dev’s car.

Later, Vikrant informed Kirti about Dev’s arrest for Kirti’s murder. Kirti suspected that Bittu’s partner might be responsible, but Vikrant diverted her attention. Meanwhile, Dev managed to escape from the police and returned home, determined to seek revenge on Vikrant.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Dev holding Vikrant at gunpoint, leaving Vikrant shocked. A heated confrontation ensues between the two, leading to a physical fight.

Meanwhile, Kirti prepares herself for the marriage, admiring her reflection in the mirror and expressing her happiness about becoming Vikrant’s wife. Suddenly, she hears a gunshot. Vikrant manages to snatch the pistol from Dev’s hand, leaving Dev astonished. Vikrant smirks and fires a bullet towards Dev.

Will Dev be able to save himself from Vikrant’s clutches?

Stay tuned to find out more about the exciting developments in your favorite shows.


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