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Kriti Kharbanda Reveals Disturbing Encounter with Hidden Camera in Hotel Room

Actress Kriti Kharbanda recently shared a chilling incident involving the discovery of a hidden camera in her hotel room. The star revealed that she and her team have a habit of thoroughly checking their surroundings for any potential security breaches. During one such routine inspection, they stumbled upon a hidden camera that had been placed quite haphazardly. The incident, which left her disturbed, highlights the need for vigilance and precautions in private spaces.

In a conversation with Hauterrfly, Kriti recounted the unsettling incident during the shooting of a Kannada film. “There was this one event that I remember when I was shooting for one of my Kannada films. This boy, who used to work at the hotel, had actually left a camera in my room,” she revealed. Kriti and her team have developed the habit of thorough room checks to ensure their safety. She highlighted the poorly executed attempt, saying, “Given how poorly it was kept, he was obviously not a pro. He had hidden it under the set-top box, but I could see it. It’s terrifying, the kind of thing you have to be cautious of.”

Kriti’s experience sheds light on the need for vigilance and awareness regarding privacy and security, especially in hotel accommodations. Her revelation aligns with similar concerns expressed by other actresses. Dia Mirza, in a previous interview with ETimes, disclosed her precautionary measures before checking into hotels. She revealed adopting a strict policy of inspecting her room to ensure no hidden cameras are present.

Anushka Sharma, too, voiced her frustration when a video from her husband Virat Kohli’s hotel room in Australia was shared online. Anushka emphasized the importance of self-control and responsible behaviour, urging people to recognize their role in preventing such invasions of privacy. Her words, “Anyone who sees this and thinks celebrity hai toh deal Karna padega should realise that you are also a part of the problem,” resonated strongly.

These instances serve as stark reminders of the need to safeguard personal spaces and promote a collective consciousness about the importance of respecting privacy. As public figures raise their voices against such breaches, it prompts a broader dialogue on privacy concerns in the digital age.


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