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Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2023 Written Update: Diya misleads Ashutoshand Bina

Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajvansh questioning Purvi about her constant accidents. Purvi responds to his comment, and Rajvansh admits that he always finds himself in trouble trying to save her from Jasveer’s clutches.

Rajvansh then instructs Purvi to check if anyone is outside. Purvi confirms that the coast is clear and signals Rajvansh to leave. However, Rajvansh spots his mother outside, causing him to retreat back inside. He informs Purvi about his mother’s presence.

Meanwhile, Diya notices Rajvansh entering the changing room. To her surprise, she sees Ashutosh’s mother, Ashutosh, and Harleen standing right outside.

Curious, Bina asks Purvi why she hasn’t come out of the changing room yet. Harleen informs Bina that Rajvansh is inside. Ashutosh adds that Purvi’s dupatta is visible inside the changing room. Bina and Harleen engage in an argument, with Bina mistakenly assuming that Purvi and Rajvansh are together in the changing room.

Purvi contacts Diya and asks for her help, explaining that she and Rajvansh are trapped in the changing room. Diya and Yug engage in an argument to divert everyone’s attention.

Seizing the opportunity, Purvi sneaks out of the changing room, leaving her dupatta behind. Rajvansh eventually exits the changing room and questions Harleen about the commotion. Bina enters the changing room to search for Purvi but fails to find her.

Harleen makes snide remarks about Bina and Ashutosh before leaving the scene. They all approach Dadi, who realizes that she left her yellow dress in changing room number 1. Dadi asks Rajvansh to retrieve it, and he agrees.

Purvi encounters Bina and Ashutosh, and Bina questions her whereabouts. Diya explains that she asked Purvi to try on a different dress in another changing room. Purvi retrieves her dupatta and proceeds to change her attire.

Rajvansh meets with Diya and strikes up a conversation. He inquires about her name, and Diya shares the story behind it. Diya then expresses her concerns about Purvi marrying someone like Ashutosh, emphasizing that people like them don’t have the right to dream.

Suddenly, Rajvansh catches a glimpse of Purvi emerging from the changing room in a bridal dress, leaving him mesmerized. He takes the yellow dress and departs from the scene.

The episode concludes.


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