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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 11th December 2023 Written Update: Raghav returns Mumbai

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In the latest episode, Pashminna calls Raghav, but he ignores her call. Avinash suggests to Raghav that they should leave. On the other side, Amrin asks Fatima about Pashminna’s whereabouts. Preeti informs them that Pashminna can’t meet Raghav because he is engaged to Ayesha. Fatima asks Preeti to reveal where Pashminna is. They search for Pashminna in the garden. Preeti finds Pashminna and tells her that they are each other’s strength. Pashminna explains that she was feeling bored, so she came there.

Preeti questions Pashminna about why she is hiding her pain. Pashminna insists that she is fine and will be discharged tomorrow. Preeti expresses her concern, not wanting Pashminna to get heartbroken. Pashminna assures her that she loves herself and no one can break her heart. However, she secretly believes that this wound won’t heal. Dadi welcomes Ayesha to the family and checks on Raghav, who nods in response.

Pashminna reassures Fatima that she is fine and ends the call. She reminisces about the moments she shared with Raghav. Meanwhile, Raghav also recalls their moments together (Do pal song plays in the background). He remembers Preeti mentioning that Pashminna accepted Paras’ gift and Avinash warning him about Pashminna playing with his emotions.

A few days later, Pashminna tells Preeti that she has prepared breakfast and lunch. Preeti advises her to rest, but Pashminna reveals that her report says she is completely fine. Preeti inquires about Pashminna’s heart, to which she replies that she can’t handle her own heart and hugs Preeti. Pashminna notices a missed call from Nusrat and mentions that she has to leave for work. Preeti asks if she misses Raghav, but Pashminna changes the subject. Preeti suggests that she talk to Paras, but Pashminna decides to tell him that she won’t marry him, believing that he deserves to know the truth.

Raghav recalls Pashminna’s statement that Paras is not her fiance, as well as Preeti accepting Pashminna and Paras’ love. Ayesha tells Raghav that the team is waiting in the conference room. Later, Ayesha expresses her concern to Avinash about something being wrong with Raghav. Avinash assures her that Raghav is just ambitious. Raghav asks his team about their presentation for the exhibition and is pleased with it. He announces that they will receive a bonus.

Preeti tells Amrin that she doesn’t know how Paras will react. Amrin asks about Raghav, but Preeti reveals that he isn’t even answering her calls. She expresses her disappointment, as she thought Raghav was a good guy. Ayesha video calls Preeti and invites her and Pashminna to the wedding. Raghav enters the room, and Preeti notices him. Pashminna also arrives, and Amrin tries to end the call, but the phone falls, and Pashminna picks it up.

The episode ends here.

Precap – Kailash states that he doesn’t care who Pashminna’s father is.


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