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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th December 2023 Written Update: Virat rescues Amrita

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Amrita feeling a bit dizzy after drinking the Sharbat. Virat tries to go inside, but Rajiv stops him and assures him that the sound of the TV breaking will come soon and tells him not to worry. Rajiv informs his friends that Amrita is inside and suggests that they should know what to do. In his heart, Rajiv tells Amrita that she is ruining his reputation by accusing him of accepting a dowry. Rajiv adds that after this incident, Amrita will not be able to share what happened to her with anyone.

Bhavani receives a call from Jayesh. Jayesh asks Bhavani about the source of the 22.5 lakh rupees that Amrita provided for building maintenance. Bhavani questions Jayesh if he called only to inquire about the money and not about Amrita. Bhavani blames Jayesh for Amrita’s current situation and Jayesh abruptly ends the call.

Ishika asks Jayesh why he ended the call. Jayesh responds that he doesn’t want to constantly hear her blaming him.

Rajiv’s friends enter the study room and greet Amrita. Confused, Amrita asks them why they are there. She tries to call Virat, but they stop her and instruct her to stay away. Amrita urges them to leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Virat decides to go to the study room and check if their plan is working. One of the guests informs Rajiv about Virat heading towards the study room. Rajiv tells Virat that there’s no need to go to the study room as Amrita has already left the party. Virat is shocked and questions Rajiv about how Amrita could leave without informing him. Rajiv advises Virat to let it go.

Virat is still unable to accept the fact that Amrita left without telling him. He decides to go to Amrita’s house and bring her back.

Rajiv’s friends make derogatory comments about Amrita, claiming that all women are weak. In response, Amrita throws a vase at them. Virat hears the commotion coming from the study room and rushes to investigate. He finds Rajiv’s friends holding Amrita and tries to catch her before she falls.

Virat places Amrita on a sofa and confronts Rajiv’s friends about their actions. He hits them and instructs Shekhar to call Rajiv.

Virat explains to Rajiv what his friends were doing and demands that Rajiv send them to jail. Rajiv agrees and first dismisses his friends.

Amrita tells Virat that she is hurt and asks him to bring ice for her. Virat agrees and goes to search the house for ice but doesn’t find any. In the meantime, Virat and Shekhar hear the doorbell ringing. Virat tells Amrita to remain quiet as his family has returned home.

The episode ends.


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