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Vanshaj 11th December 2023 Written Update: Bhanu congratulates Dj and Ruhi.

Vanshaj 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Yuvika showing Dj the original contract copy that has been tampered with. The packaging clause has been added later. Yuvika is angry and warns Dj that she won’t forgive him for this mistake. Dj claims to have no knowledge of what she’s talking about and questions the basis of her accusation. Yuvika decides to call a meeting with the board members to investigate this issue. Dj challenges her to do whatever she can and he will deal with the consequences.

Meanwhile, one of the servants at Mahajan house gives Gargi Ruhi’s pregnancy report. Gargi is surprised and wonders how this happened. Yuvika discovers Vidur’s eviction notice in the office and realizes that it must be Dj’s doing. As Dhanraj returns home, Gargi shows him the pregnancy report. Dj calls Dhanraj and informs him about the chaos at the office, warning him to be prepared for drama at home. Dhanraj assures him not to worry and returns home.

Yuvika and Dj enter the house together, but Yuvika is interrupted when she tries to tell Bhanu everything. Bhanu congratulates Dj and reveals the news of Ruhi’s pregnancy. Before Dj arrived, Bhanu confronted Dhanraj about the contract issue. Gargi asks Bhanu not to scold Dj tonight because he is going to be a father. Overwhelmed with emotions, Bhanu greets Dj instead of scolding him when he arrives home. Yuvika observes this and Gargi questions her lack of happiness. Yuvika congratulates Dj and Ruhi, and Dhanraj expresses his pride in Dj.

Bhanu asks Ruhi and Dj to pray together in front of the Lord. Yuvika contemplates whether Dj, who can’t handle business and be responsible, should be taught a lesson before becoming a father. Bhanu advises Dj to take care of Ruhi and not to give her any stress. However, Dj starts shouting at Ruhi, claiming that he never had feelings for her and still doesn’t. He leaves the room in anger. Gargi enters the room and scolds Ruhi for screaming at Dj.

Bhoomi questions why Gargi is shouting at Ruhi instead of talking to Dj. Bhanu tells Yuvika that she handled the contract issue and delivered on time by God’s grace. Yuvika considers calling a board meeting to punish Dj for his actions. Bhanu acknowledges that Dj will be punished, but now is not the right time as Dj is about to become a father. He believes that the responsibilities of fatherhood will change Dj as a person. Bhanu asks Yuvika to trust him. The episode ends.


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