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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 12th December 2023 Written Update: Beant Singh tries to deny Kuldeep and Heer’s marriage

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 12th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajwinder recalling the incident where Janel burned a girl alive after discovering their illegal business. She asks Suraj Singh to keep this a secret. However, Janel, who is drunk, fails to understand the seriousness of the situation. In anger, Rajwinder throws her glass and slaps him, blaming alcohol for his behavior. She then ties a black thread on his thumb, making him promise to stop drinking.

The scene shifts back to the present, where Rajwinder reveals that the victim’s mother has been in a mental asylum for the past year. Surprisingly, the same lady is seen escaping from the asylum, holding Heer’s photo in her hand. Ranjha, Navjot, and Heer are taking Beant Singh home when the victim’s mother suddenly appears in front of their car. She recognizes Heer and tries to call out to her, but fails. The police and asylum staff search for her while Gurmeet surprises Beant Singh by turning on the lights in the house, revealing decorations and many guests. Confused, Beant Singh asks the reason behind the celebration, and Heer reassures him that she will explain everything.

Heer explains to Beant Singh about his medications and reveals that it feels like a wedding is taking place. Navjot calmly tells Beant Singh that Heer is getting married and that her in-laws are coming for a ritual the next day. Shocked, Beant Singh questions who the groom is, and Navjot informs him that Heer is marrying Kuldeep Singh Atwal. Beant Singh drops his glass in disbelief and loses his temper when he recalls what the Atwals have done. He firmly states that Heer cannot marry into a household ruled by Rajwinder.

Navjot defends Rajwinder, revealing that she donated blood to him. Beant Singh is left shocked and angry, expressing that he would rather die than have Rajwinder’s blood. He asks the guests to leave, declaring that there will be no wedding. Heer tries to calm him down and explains that she agreed to the marriage because she has fallen in love with Kuldeep and couldn’t reject his proposal. Beant Singh asks Ranjha to confirm Heer’s statement based on their friendship.

Ranjha supports Heer’s lies and admits that he has known about her feelings for Kuldeep for a long time. Gurmeet announces that the wedding will take place in three days, leaving Beant Singh even more shocked. He questions how Heer can marry someone she hardly knows. Kuldeep and Rajwinder arrive and assure Beant Singh that he will get to know Kuldeep better. Kuldeep thanks everyone for accepting their relationship, and Rajwinder apologizes to Beant Singh for the shocking news. She believes that when children are in love, elders should support them. The episode ends with Rajwinder asking about Ranjha and referring to him as a servant when Navjot explains that he protects their fields.


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