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Anupama 12th December 2023 Written Update: Kinjal and Toshu come to Shah house

Anupama 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Anupama performing a puja and reflecting on recent issues. She distributes prasad to everyone, and Choti mentions that she will feed milk to her animal friends. Advik reveals that he asked Pakhi to come back, but she refused. Anuj suggests that Vanraj should talk to her since she only listens to him. Anupama believes that Vanraj is the one spoiling Pakhi. Barkha insists that her brother will not apologize to Pakhi. Anupama apologizes to Advik for Pakhi’s behavior. Advik explains that whenever he argues with Pakhi, she starts crying and becomes weak. He admits that he is tired of her tantrums.

Advik expresses feeling suffocated and claims to be the victim in this marriage. Barkha believes that both of them made mistakes, but Advik has changed for the better. Advik declares that he will no longer speak to Pakhi and will divorce her if she asks for it. Anupama senses that this is just the beginning, and more challenges are on the horizon. Pakhi serves tea to Vanraj. Kinjal and Toshu return home with Pari, bringing joy to the Shah family. Everyone embraces them warmly. Vanraj takes Pari and plays with her.

Vanraj questions their sudden arrival. Kinjal reveals that her father had a heart attack three days ago. The Shahs express their disappointment at not being informed. Baa cries and complains, but Toshu assures them that they will return in a few days. Kinjal hugs Baa and becomes emotional. Dimpi suggests that Anupama would be happy to hear the news. Vanraj forbids anyone from informing Anupama. Anupama sits beside her mother and admits to feeling tired. Her mother asks if Vanraj said anything to her. Anupama explains how Vanraj asked her to distance herself from the Shahs. She confesses that she is tired of constantly picking him up when he falls.

Anupama’s mother tells her that she is burdening herself unnecessarily because of the Shahs. She encourages her to take care of Anuj, Choti, and her own dreams. Anupama insists that she cannot stop being a mother. Her mother mentions how the Shahs constantly change their moods, expressing her frustration. She advises Anupama to rest for a while. Hansmukh suggests that Toshu is also Anupama’s responsibility. Vanraj suggests that Anupama can meet them, but they should be invited to her house instead of coming to the Shah house. Dimpi and Kavya feel that Vanraj is being unfair to Anupama.

Anupama becomes emotional as she thinks about Samar. Her mother consoles her, reminding her that children have to live their own lives as they grow up. Anupama questions why they should distance themselves. She receives a phone call from someone. Kinjal tries to feed Pari, but when she refuses, she asks Toshu to try instead. Toshu complains about being tired from the flight. Baa enters the room and scolds Kinjal for giving a phone to Pari. Leela suggests that Kinjal should give her home-cooked food. Anupama brings many gifts for Pari, Kinjal, and Toshu. Malti Devi provokes Choti. The episode ends with Choti asking Anupama if she didn’t bring anything for her and forgot about her.

Precap: Kinjal informs Leela that Anupama will be invited for Pari’s birthday, and if she doesn’t come, the cake will not be cut. Anuj asks Anupama if she will go despite what Vanraj said. She replies that she is going for her children’s happiness.


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