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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2023 Written Update: Kaveri insults Abhira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Armaan noticing Abhira in the kitchen and realizing that he needs to take her away before anyone sees her. He tries to wake her up, but Abhira is lost in a daydream, imagining her mother calling her. She smiles in her sleep and pushes Armaan’s hand away when he tries to wake her. Unfortunately, she loses her balance and almost falls, but Armaan catches her and prevents her from getting hurt. However, Abhira insists on refusing his help and walks away, limping due to a sprained leg.

Later on, Rohith notices Ruhi getting ready and can’t help but admire her beauty. He offers to help her unpack her suitcase and create space for her in the cupboard. Meanwhile, Abhira starts putting her clothes in Armaan’s wardrobe, causing a mess. Armaan offers to help her, but she declines. Kiara enters the room and sees the mess, handing Armaan a toothbrush and toothpaste. Armaan asks if she’s upset with him, to which Kiara replies that although he made a mistake, she still cares about him. Armaan assures her that she shouldn’t take her words to heart, but Abhira insists that Kiara meant exactly what she said.

Kaveri questions Vidhya about why she brought two dupattas, as only Ruhi’s Muh dhikai function is scheduled to take place. Vidhya explains that she wanted to include Abhira in the function as well. An upset Kaveri throws the dupattas down, stating that Abhira is not her daughter-in-law. Armaan then asks Abhira to accompany him to the dining area, but she refuses, not wanting to go in front of his family like a child. Armaan insists, reminding her that she hasn’t eaten anything in two days, and encourages her to have breakfast with everyone. Abhira lies, saying she’s not hungry and asks him to leave.

Kajal enters the scene, and Kaveri expresses her displeasure about Armaan bringing Abhira into the house as his daughter-in-law. Vidhya defends Abhira, stating that they can’t just throw her out because Kaveri dislikes her. Kaveri insists on getting rid of Abhira and says she will make sure she never returns. Rohith intervenes, asking Kaveri not to speak that way. Kaveri then shifts her attention to Ruhi, saying that she is her new daughter-in-law and won’t scold her.

Kaveri emphasizes that Ruhi is new to the family and scolds Rohith for interfering in her decision. She reiterates that only Ruhi’s Muh dhikai function will take place. Meanwhile, Kajal asks Abhira to cook her first Rasoi (first meal cooked by a newlywed bride). Abhira questions whether everyone will actually eat the food she cooks, considering it’s a forced marriage. Feeling hungry, she dismisses the idea, believing that no one would appreciate her effort. Kajal praises Armaan when he offers to accompany her downstairs.

Armaan takes Abhira away from the situation. Meanwhile, Dadi comments on the variety of dishes on the dining table and tastes the food, praising Vidya for her cooking. Vidya reveals that Ruhi cooked all the food, and Rohith jokes that his six-pack abs will disappear if he eats this food every day. Dadi asks Rohith to bring a gift, which she presents to Ruhi, expressing her gratitude. Armaan enters with Abhira, and Ruhi notices their arrival. Abhira holds Armaan’s hand in anger, but Dadi stops them from sitting at the dining table, explaining that all the chairs are the same and introducing Abhira to the concept of eating with others. Abhira expresses her discomfort and leaves the room. Kaveri questions Armaan’s commitment to the family, and Manisha asks who is cooking noodles in the morning.

Everyone is surprised to witness Abhira cooking noodles, and Arav expresses his desire to have some as well. Kiara jokes that Dadi won’t approve of him eating noodles. Abhira asks Kaveri if she wants noodles as well and then leaves the kitchen. Vidya remarks about the mess in the kitchen, and Ruhi offers to clean it up, giving Abhira some time to adjust. Meanwhile, Kaveri’s son suggests sending Abhira to a hostel and providing financial support. Kaveri worries about Abhira demanding more money, but her son suggests trapping her in a legal case to ensure she can’t come back. Armaan overhears the conversation and pleads with Kaveri not to send Abhira away.

The episode ends with a glimpse of the upcoming episode, where Abhira faces humiliation.

Precap: Abhira experiences humiliation.


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