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Imlie 12th December 2023 Written Update: A shocker for Imlie

Imlie 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Agastya asking Imlie about her plan to earn money, as he doesn’t want to misunderstand her intentions. Amma ji becomes worried while performing the Tulsi puja. Navya blames herself for the problems she’s facing.

Sonali assures Agastya that Imlie didn’t do anything wrong. She explains that if they can secure bulk orders from investors, they can open the factory and protect it from any potential threats. Agastya trusts Sonali and Imlie, emphasizing that he never doubted their abilities. Amma ji advises Agastya to take care of his wife, and questions why Imlie’s friends have come to meet her. Agastya clarifies that her friends are here just to meet her.

Agastya goes to the bar to verify if Imlie is working there. He sees another woman singing at the bar and realizes that she is not Imlie. Meanwhile, Imlie is discussing her plan with her friends, mentioning that they need 100 girls for the work. Agastya overhears their conversation and stops at the gate. Imlie notices Agastya listening and asks him why he is at the bar. Agastya doesn’t respond and angrily walks away.

When Imlie returns home, she finds the family members waiting in the hall. Rajni questions Imlie about why she is tarnishing the family’s reputation. Confused, Imlie asks Rajni what happened. Rajni informs Imlie that they found out she has started working at the bar again. Imlie tries to explain that there must be a misunderstanding. Rajni reveals that she felt hurt when Amma ji slapped Imlie after discovering her job, and now she believes that she shouldn’t have stopped Amma ji. Alka also criticizes Imlie, saying that people like her will never understand the value of family and can destroy a happy household. Sonali intervenes, asking Alka not to speak to Imlie that way. However, Alka insists that Imlie has ruined her own life as well.

Amma ji reminds Imlie that she has accepted her despite knowing the truth and asks her to accept them as well. She explains that they might be going through tough times in their business, but they will never resort to unethical practices. Bulbul enters and informs Imlie that the pamphlets are ready as per her instructions. Imlie asks Bulbul to take the pamphlets from there. Bulbul returns with the pamphlets, but accidentally drops some of them. Amma ji picks them up and hands them to Sonali. Amma ji questions Bulbul about the pamphlets, and Bulbul explains that Imlie has started making sweets with her friends.

Bulbul adds that if they can secure a few bulk orders, they will be able to start the factory. She praises Amma ji for being their role model and inspiration. Imlie assures Amma ji that she left the bar as soon as she found out about her. She clarifies to Alka that it was Amrit’s fault, not Sonali’s or hers.

Biswa receives the pamphlets in his hands. Sonali tells Rajni that she warned her not to blame Imlie. Govind also supports Sonali, stating that she is right about Imlie. Sonali reveals that Imlie tried to involve Karam in marrying her sister, which is why she is against Imlie. Karam confirms that his family is correct.

Imlie receives a call from Biswa. Biswa changes his voice tone and orders sweets for his family. Imlie asks for the address, and Biswa provides the address of the Chaudhary’s outhouse. Imlie realizes it’s Biswa and Navya tells him that he won’t repeat his father’s mistakes. Biswa assures Navya that everyone will soon know she is a co-owner of Chaudhary’s sweets. Imlie confronts Biswa and refuses to accept any money from him.

Biswa claims that he didn’t know where the pamphlets were and explains that he is looking for the best caterers for Avi’s wedding. Biswa suggests that Imlie keep the order, as she can provide the best sweets catering. Imlie declares that Biswa is her client. She informs her friends that she has received her first order and asks them to be on time to make the sweets.

Imlie’s friend informs her that they won’t be able to come the next day because Agastya told the bar owner to fire them. Agastya has closed the bar. Imlie tries to stop her friends, but they leave. Imlie realizes she left her phone at Biswa’s house and goes to retrieve it. She finds that no one is home and starts searching for her phone. While searching, she finds a mask.

Precap: Agastya asks Imlie if she has good news. Imlie reveals that her business idea doesn’t require the bar and announces that Biswa is her first customer. Agastya tries to stop her.


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