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Pandya Store 12th December 2023 Written Update: Dhawal feels emotionally broken 12th December 2023 Written Update

The latest episode of Pandya Store begins with Dhawal bidding farewell to Natasha and informing the Makwanas that the trouble of the house is now outside. He reminds them that the same thing happened in the past and that younger ones should not question their elders. Amresh tries to hug Dhawal, but he refuses, stating that he is fine and heads to his room. The rest of the family members also go back to their respective rooms. Meanwhile, Natasha walks aimlessly on the road, while Dhawal rides his bike, reflecting on Amresh’s request for a divorce. Both Natasha and Dhawal are tormented by recent events. Dhawal ends up in a deserted area while riding his bike and falls down, hurting himself. As they both experience emotional trauma after their separation, the song “Pyar Hai Ya Saza” plays.

Natasha finds herself near someone watering plants and decides to wash her face using the water. She realizes that she cannot return to the Pandya house as it will only cause pain to her own family. Chirag happens to pass by and is shocked to see Dhawal lying on the ground. He rushes to him and hugs him, questioning why he let Natasha go if he was so hurt by her leaving. Dhawal explains that he believes Natasha can never be happy in their relationship, so he set her free before she gets ruined.

Natasha seeks refuge in a hostel and introduces herself as Natasha Pandya. She explains her situation and requests permission to stay there. The warden tries to find more information about Natasha since she cannot stay at her own home despite being a local. Meanwhile, Chirag tries to take Dhawal home, but Dhawal becomes hysterical and asks to be left alone. Chirag wonders when Dhawal will understand how much he truly loves Natasha.

In her hostel room, Natasha starts organizing and cleaning it. She finds it dirty and too quiet for her liking. The warden informs Suman that Natasha has come to stay at the hostel and shares the details with her. Suman, accompanied by Chiku, heads to the hostel. Natasha discovers a bracelet gifted by Dhawal and decides to break it. Meanwhile, Dhawal goes to the ruins of the Pandya Store and cries, feeling deeply hurt. He reflects on how he demanded the store in return for leaving Natasha.

Further, Natasha opens her cupboard and finds a photo of Dhawal inside. She asks a worker about it, who tells her that Dhawal is the crush of everyone at college and she will find his photos in every room. Natasha tears off the poster. Dhawal contemplates his conflicting desires to live with Natasha forever on one side and her desire for independence on the other, ultimately choosing her freedom. Suman and Chiku confront Natasha in her hostel room. Natasha explains that she wants to stay in the hostel until her exams are over so that she won’t be disturbed. Suman hugs her but also hits her for lying. Natasha finally breaks down and tells Suman the truth about Dhawal’s betrayal. The episode ends with Suman deciding to file a complaint against Amresh and Dhawal at the police station, accusing them of taking advantage of their situation.

Precap: Dhawal and Natasha will be asked to spend six months together, but Natasha refuses, stating that she doesn’t want to spend even a day with Dhawal. They will have a hearing date, and their lawyer will explain that since they did not consummate their marriage, they can be separated in the first hearing.


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