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Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2023 Written Update: Ashutosh and Purvi complete their ring ceremony

Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajvansh and Jasveer engaging in a fight. Despite Jasveer’s men trying to intervene, Yug fights them off. Jasveer’s men manage to hold Rajvansh, and Jasveer decides to take Purvi away and marry her elsewhere. Purvi pleads with Ashutosh to save her, but he remains unmoved.

However, Rajvansh breaks free from Jasveer’s grip and comes to Purvi’s rescue. The police arrive and arrest Jasveer after Ashok informs them that Jasveer attempted to forcefully marry Purvi. The police inspector reveals that they received a complaint from Rajvansh about Jasveer starting the fire in the Pandal.

Rajvansh hands Jasveer over to the police, declaring that his time is up. Jasveer, however, warns that his time has just begun and threatens to kill Rajvansh. The police take Jasveer away, and Rajvansh explains to Prachi’s family that he only came to arrest Jasveer, and the unexpected events unfolded.

Before leaving, Diya urges Rajvansh to put a ring on Purvi’s finger, as he was the one who did it last time. Bina dismisses Diya’s request, saying that she is just a child. Rajvansh agrees and takes his leave.

Curious about Yug’s fighting skills, Rajvansh asks him where he learned to fight like that. Yug responds that he hasn’t learned anything and simply acted to save Purvi because she needed help. He insists that he would have done the same for anyone in her position.

Ashutosh calls Purvi to participate in the ring ceremony, and Diya signals her not to proceed. Despite Diya’s concerns, Ashutosh and Purvi exchange rings, and everyone congratulates them.

Diya questions Purvi about her happiness with the engagement, to which Purvi responds positively. Diya reminds Purvi of Ashutosh’s behavior, suggesting that he may not be the right match for her. However, Purvi defends Ashutosh, acknowledging his shortcomings but emphasizing that not everyone possesses immense courage. Diya brings up the incident where Ashutosh remained silent when Bina took away Prachi’s bangles, and accuses him of not standing up for Purvi’s mother.

Dadaji asks Rajvansh if he managed to get Jasveer arrested, and Yug confirms that Jasveer was about to forcefully marry Purvi. Dadaji praises Purvi and expresses that whoever marries her will be fortunate. Rajvansh reveals that the lucky man is Ashutosh, and they got engaged that day. Rajvansh leaves, but Dadaji still believes there is a chance for Rajvansh and Purvi to be together, discussing this possibility with Yug.

Diya compares Ashutosh to Rajvansh and suggests that Rajvansh is the best match for Purvi. She notices a passing comet and encourages Purvi to envision who she sees in her dreams. Purvi sees Rajvansh but refuses to admit her feelings for him.

The episode concludes.


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