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Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story: Diya’s request to shock Rajvansh

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Zee TV’s popular show Kumkum Bhagya is captivating viewers with its intriguing storyline. Currently, Rajvansh comes to Purvi’s aid.

As previously reported, Rajavansh arrives at Prachi’s house and discovers Jasveer attempting to marry Purvi against her will. Jasveer confidently tells Rajvansh that he will take care of him after their marriage.

Jasveer instructs everyone to remain silent and close their eyes for five minutes. He is about to begin the wedding rituals with Purvi, but Rajvansh intervenes and insists that Jasveer let go of Purvi’s hand as she doesn’t want to marry him. Jasveer raises his hand to strike Rajvansh, but Rajvansh defends himself.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Rajvansh handing Jasveer over to the police. Rajvansh informs Jasveer that his time is up, but Jasveer claims that his time has just begun and threatens to kill Rajvansh. The police then take Jasveer away.

Rajvansh explains to Prachi’s family that he only came to arrest Jasveer, and all of this unfolded unexpectedly. Rajvansh announces that he will take his leave, but Diya requests him to place a ring on Purvi’s finger before leaving, as he was the one who placed it there last time.

What will happen next? Will Rajvansh fulfill Diya’s request?

All of these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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