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Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Update: Prachi and Ranbir miss each other.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Diya asking Purvi about the person whose face she saw. Purvi tells Diya that she had been talking about Rajvansh for a long time, so she saw Rajvansh’s face. Diya feels ecstatic upon hearing this. Prachi arrives and asks Diya why she looks so happy. Diya denies anything and asks Prachi if she had made any wishes. Prachi replies that she hasn’t and mentions that if Ranbir were here, she would have enjoyed spending time with both Ranbir and Purvi.

Krishna gazes at the moon and wonders what it would be like if Prachi were with him in that moment. He ponders why Prachi couldn’t love him the way he loved her, but he realizes that there is no one to answer that question.

Prachi also looks at the moon and silently tells Ranbir not to be sad. She says she can feel it in her heart and assures Ranbir that she will always be in his heart and will never leave.

Rajvansh reminisces about his past and wakes up from a nightmare, shouting “no.” His family rushes to him and asks if he had the same nightmare. Harleen suggests calling the doctor, but Dadaji intervenes and advises Rajvansh to forget about his past. Dadaji explains that if Rajvansh doesn’t let go of his past, it will continue to haunt him in the present. Rajvansh agrees with Dadaji and assures his family that he will move on from his past. He embraces them in a hug.

Hermal notices that Harleen is unable to sleep and inquires about her well-being. Harleen asks Hermal to call the doctor, but requests that he keeps it a secret from the family. Hermal agrees to call the doctor and assures Harleen that he won’t reveal anything.

The following day, Bina and Ashutosh visit Prachi’s house. Ashutosh takes Purvi to check out a five-star hotel where they will spend their first night together. Bina discusses this with Prachi.

Hermal notices Rajvansh smiling and feels relieved. Hermal tells Rajvansh that his mother was worried about him the entire night. Rajvansh asks Harleen not to worry and explains that as long as he has his family by his side, he has nothing to be concerned about. Dadaji witnesses this and becomes emotional, feeling blessed. Later, Harleen tells Dadaji that he won’t have any samosas. Dadaji pretends to dislike samosas, but once Harleen leaves, Yug brings samosas and Dadaji secretly enjoys them. Dadaji warns Hermal and Rajvansh not to mention this to Harleen.

Hermal calls for Harleen, and Dadaji throws the box of samosas to Hermal, pretending that Hermal threw it at him. Harleen believes Dadaji’s lie, and Hermal tries to explain, but Dadaji scolds him and asks Harleen to forgive Hermal. Hermal sarcastically comments on Dadaji.

The episode ends.


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