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Saubhagyavati Bhava 5th December 2023 Written Update: Avinash gets accused

Saubhagyavati Bhava 5th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Siya recollects that how Khushi requested her to transform her mom. Viraj tells Siya that Khushi is mentally crazy. He says that he can see concern in Khushi’s face like Dadi. She tells him that Dadi is powerful and she will be able to deal herself and people. He tells her that she is speaking about Khushi. She tells him that Dadi will deal the entirety.

At the alternative hand, Avinash watches the scoop about him. Media reporter says that Avinash must get suspended for his abuse of energy. Nupur tells Avinash that his symbol might get ruined. Avinash tells her that he’s worn to it.

Dadi asks Tushar to join her. She says that she transform impaired and she will be able to put together a mistake. She tells him that she may see Raghav and she or he don’t need to smash Siya’s plan. Tushar tells her that not anything will occur to her and he received’t join her. She calls.

Viraj asks Siya not to remove Khushi’s phrases critically. Siya tells him that she know what Khushi intended. She asks him not to put together it complicate. They makes a decision to forget about that subject.

Avinash tells Nupur that they must learn how DNA were given matched. He says that Raghav have been died and it’s no longer like Raghav’s dual brother were given borned. He realises one thing. He tells Nupur that Raghav’s blood relative is that affected person.

Tushar asks Dadi that if she is ok now. Dadi nods at him. He tells her that they must stick with Khushi as a result of Viraj and Siya left for an noteceable paintings. She asks him to stick with her all the time. He tells her to get able and leaves from there. She will get scared visual the silhoutte of anyone.

Within the health center, Siya and Avinash makes a decision to explode the terminating step in their plan. Siya says that faux assault will occur on Risha and they are going to shift Risha to every other health center. Avinash is enraged that not anything is going on in his partiality. Siya and Viraj sees Avinash. Siya follows Avinash.

Avinash asks Nandini to support him one terminating era. He says that that affected person isn’t Raghav. Nandini tells him that she don’t accept as true with him. He tells her he idea she is going to help him all the time. Siya overhears their dialog. Avinash tells himself that Siya and Viraj are intriguing and considering like criminals. He hears fireplace alarm pitch and thinks that Siya and Viraj might be in the back of this. He is going to Raghav’s room and sees anyone is making an attempt to assault the affected person. That attacker escapes from there. Siya comes there and asks Avinash that if he attempted to execute Raghav. Avinash tells her that she know affected person isn’t Raghav.

Khushi will get panicked as a result of she dreamt about Raghav’s demise. Tushar tries to console her. Dadi hallucinates Raghav once more. Safety safe hears her. Siya tells Viraj that Raghav will die within the hit. Avinash wonders what’s Siya’s precise plan.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Avinash and Viraj fights with every alternative.


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