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Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2023 Written Update: Shaurya seeks Preeta’s help

Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In the latest episode, Mahesh advises Dadi to take care of herself. Karan also expresses his concern for Dadi’s well-being, stating that they need her to be healthy and alive to scold Mahesh. Meanwhile, Preeta enters the Luthra house, and Karan senses her presence and leaves the room.

Palki reminisces about Shanaya’s excitement to marry Shaurya and Daljeet warning her to stay away from their relationship. Rajveer asks Palki why she was hiding her smile. Palki explains that he has never spoken to her like this before. Rajveer shares that it’s because he has only recently met her. Palki smiles at his statement, and he encourages her to keep smiling. Palki reveals that she was thinking about why Shaurya isn’t like Rajveer. Rajveer expresses his relief that Shaurya is different, as Palki would have liked him otherwise. Palki assures Rajveer that she only has eyes for him and expresses her concerns about Shanaya’s future. Rajveer reassures her that Shanaya will eventually realize Shaurya’s true nature. He tells Palki that her smile brings him peace, and she should continue to smile. Palki agrees with him.

Meanwhile, Shaurya requests Sandy to take solo pictures of Palki and himself. Shaurya contemplates how everyone wants him to marry Shanaya, but he desires to marry Palki. He decides to find a way to make that happen. Shaurya’s happiness multiplies when he sees Preeta’s arrival. Preeta enters the room and greets Shaurya with a smile. He seeks her blessings and thanks her for coming. Shaurya confesses that he feels special when she is around and that he considers her like a mother. Preeta reciprocates the sentiment and assures Shaurya of her support, just like she did before. Curious, she asks him what happened.

Daljeet informs Shailendra that Palki wants to stop Shaurya and Shanaya’s marriage. She instructs him to warn Palki and leaves the room. Daljeet later reveals to Shanaya that she knows Shaurya refused to marry her. She explains that Palki is against their union due to jealousy and advises against sharing this information with Palki. Unfortunately, Palki overhears their conversation.

Shaurya urges Preeta to talk to Karan, knowing that she is the only one who always listens to him. Nidhi eavesdrops on their conversation and informs Aarohi about Preeta. Aarohi suggests locking Preeta in a room as a solution.

Karan expresses his anticipation for Preeta’s arrival to Rishabh, who assures him that she will come.

Shaurya expresses his admiration for Preeta, stating that Rajveer is lucky to have her. Preeta reciprocates the sentiment and reveals her happiness for Shaurya and Rajveer. Sandy then takes Shaurya away, while Nidhi suggests bringing Preeta to her room to Aarohi.

Rajveer holds Palki’s hand, and she warns him that others might see them. He lovingly kisses her forehead.

The episode concludes.


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