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Udaariyaan 13th December 2023 Written Update: Armaan learns the truth

Udaariyaan 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rano sleeping in her room when suddenly, Alia attacks her and quickly runs away. Everyone in the house hears the commotion and rushes to Rano’s room. Armaan asks Rano what happened and how she got hurt. He goes to get the first aid kit.

Aasmaa tells Rano that she can’t hide the truth from Armaan any longer. Alia stops Armaan and insists on talking to him about something important. However, he refuses to listen to her. Alia reveals that Aasmaa is hiding a big truth from him. Armaan defends Aasmaa and refuses to believe Alia’s words. Alia accuses Armaan of being like his father, who allegedly beats his mother every day. She also states that Aasmaa knows about it. Armaan dismisses her claims and vows to prove that she is lying.

Bebe asks Aasmaa to leave, questioning why she is trying to break the family apart instead of uniting them. Aasmaa challenges Bebe to honestly assess the situation and consider the suffering of her daughter-in-law, who is being abused by her son daily. Bebe admits that she is aware of the abuse, but feels helpless in stopping it as it may lead to the breakdown of the father-son relationship. Armaan returns to Rano’s room with an ice pack and expresses his disappointment in her for hiding the truth from him. Rano defends her father and claims that Aasmaa is just talking nonsense.

Alia approaches Sukhi, who is sitting alone, and tells him that she heard from Aasmaa that he used to beat Rano regularly. Sukhi asks her who told her this, and Alia reveals that Rano herself mentioned it. Alia is pleased to see Sukhi getting angry and leaving. Meanwhile, Aasmaa worries about Rano’s well-being and decides to talk to Sukhi before informing Armaan about the abuse. Armaan expresses his concern to Aasmaa about his mother’s injuries, and she suggests that Rano may have accidentally hurt herself in the dark. However, Armaan suspects that someone has beaten her and starts mentioning the names of everyone in the house, making Aasmaa nervous when he mentions Sukhi’s name. Armaan accuses his father of being the abuser and confronts Aasmaa for hiding the truth from him. Suddenly, he hears a sound and rushes to find Sukhi strangling Rano. Armaan intervenes and speaks out against his father, prompting Rano to slap him.

Aasmaa urges Armaan not to make any hasty decisions and assures him that she has done everything she can. However, Armaan insists that he has to take action now. Alia believes that Aasmaa is trying to come between her and Armaan, but she won’t succeed. Armaan tells his mother to leave, but she refuses, claiming it is her house. Armaan recalls witnessing the abuse in his childhood but being too young to understand it. He declares that he won’t allow anyone to harm his mother anymore. Rano confesses that she asked Aasmaa not to reveal the truth, blaming her for breaking the family apart. Sukhi, on the other hand, threatens to beat her to death, but Armaan stops him and pushes him down in anger.

The episode ends.

Precap: Aasmaa saves Raja.


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