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Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Update: Police searches Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In the latest episode, the priest asks Rajveer to bring his father for a ritual. Rajveer informs him that he doesn’t have a father. Surprisingly, Karan claims to be Rajveer’s father. Daljeet wishes that Karan had given the property to Rajveer. Karan explains to Rajveer that since he fulfilled all the responsibilities of a brother to Kavya, he is like a father to Rajveer as well. This revelation makes Shaurya realize that Karan wants to get rid of Rajveer.

Gurpreet remembers how Karan asked her to stay with Preeta. She wonders why Karan caused pain to Preeta in the past. Karan asks Rajveer if he is okay with him performing the ritual, to which Rajveer nods. Gurpreet approves of Karan performing the ritual, as Preeta is not present and the engagement needs to happen that day. Karan happily performs the ritual as Rajveer’s father, much to Daljeet’s delight. However, Nidhi and Shaurya are angered by this. Karan blesses Palki and Rajveer, and the priest declares that the roka rituals are complete.

Karan suggests that everyone should enjoy some sweets and distributes them to Shailendra and Daljeet. Shanaya congratulates Palki and embraces her. Suddenly, a police inspector arrives with his team. Karan questions the inspector’s presence, and he explains that they are searching for two individuals involved in drug-related activities. Shaurya and Sandy hide their faces. Rajveer and Karan try to assure the inspector that there must be a misunderstanding. Mohit tells the inspector that they can search the house if needed. The inspector agrees to conduct the search but informs Daljeet and Shanaya that they cannot leave until it is completed. Palki convinces the inspector that her family is respectable and promises that they will cooperate. Eventually, the inspector grants permission for Palki’s family to leave. Rajveer reassures Palki and her family before they depart. Sandy suggests to Shaurya that they should also leave for the engagement, but Shaurya scolds him, fearing they will be caught.

Karan expresses his gratitude to the police inspector, assuring him that both he and Rajveer will cooperate with the investigation. Nidhi and Shaurya are shocked by Karan’s statement. Meanwhile, Daljeet worries about Rajveer’s family, but Palki assures her that no one from Rajveer’s family will be arrested. Daljeet dismisses Rajveer’s family and rushes Shanaya to get ready for the engagement. Shailendra advises Palki not to take Daljeet’s words to heart.

Priyanka reveals that Shaurya likes Palki, but he is getting engaged to Shanaya. Palki clarifies that she and Shaurya don’t have feelings for each other. Nidhi, on the other hand, is determined to prevent the police from reaching Preeta’s room.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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