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Suhaagan 5th December 2023 Written Update: Payal burns Bindiya’s hand

Suhaagan 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Dadi expressing her concern to Bindiya about her not eating anything. Bindiya explains that she forgot to bring the necessary items. Dadi comforts her. Sakshi questions Nidhi about her crying as if Indu had passed away. She mentions how Vickram took care of her during her time in the hospital. Baldev adds that Nidhi was also in the hospital. Sakshi wonders if Nidhi had an accident as well. Krishna reveals that Nidhi is dealing with some health issues. Payal wonders why Nidhi didn’t seek help from Bindiya and Pankaj. Later, Nidhi confesses that she had an abortion and can no longer lie to her family. Pankaj and Bindiya were there to support her at the hospital. Payal admits underestimating Nidhi and expresses disbelief at her actions. Payal declares Nidhi as her enemy from this moment onwards. She questions why Bindiya and Pankaj were waiting outside the operating room if Nidhi truly had an abortion. Nidhi accuses Payal of spying on them, to which Payal admits to doing so secretly.

Nidhi insists that Payal can think whatever she wants, but she did abort her baby. Payal refuses to believe her and accuses Nidhi of betraying her trust by using Bindiya as a pawn due to her selfishness. Payal threatens to not let Nidhi get away with it. Meanwhile, Krishna asks Swapna to bring lemon juice for Bindiya, who has fasted for their well-being. Payal is determined not to let Nidhi and Bindiya join forces against her. She wonders why Nidhi hasn’t revealed her fake pregnancy to anyone yet. Payal notices Bindiya smiling and wonders if she is planning something against her. Krishna assures Bindiya that he doesn’t want her to fall ill because of them, and she requests him to perform the Aarti.

Payal dislikes seeing Bindiya and Krishna close together and deliberately pushes Krishna, causing hot oil to spill on Bindiya’s hand. Krishna rushes to help her, while Payal offers assistance as well. Krishna reprimands Payal for being careless and applies ointment to Bindiya’s hand. Nidhi and Pankaj arrive, and Krishna explains that Payal accidentally burned Bindiya’s hand. Nidhi suspects that Payal may have done it intentionally. Krishna urges Bindiya to drink water and break her fast, despite the pain in her hand. Nidhi and Pankaj express their admiration for the couple and pray that no evil eye falls on them. Payal becomes infuriated.

Krishna lovingly feeds Bindiya, much to Payal’s annoyance. Nidhi suggests that Pankaj leave the couple alone, as Payal escapes from Bindiya but won’t spare Nidhi. Payal then sets Nidhi’s scarf on fire, causing her to scream for help. Pankaj and Krishna rush to her aid. Payal hands Nidhi a glass of water and creates a scene, acting innocent. She warns Nidhi that she has escaped this time, but it could happen again. Nidhi is left feeling scared.

In the upcoming episode, Nidhi suggests to Pankaj that they reveal the truth to everyone before Payal can harm her again. However, Payal threatens to take away Nidhi’s baby if she tries to expose her secrets.

Episode ends.

Precap: Nidhi tells Pankaj that they should inform everyone about the truth before Payal can cause more harm. Payal warns Nidhi that she will snatch her baby if she dares to reveal the truth.


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