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Udaariyaan 5th December 2023 Written Update: Alia exposes her truth to Aasmaa

Udaariyaan 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aasmaa spotting a shooting star and offering a prayer for her family’s well-being. Mr. Gill is worried about Armaan’s decision to register Raja and Alia’s marriage. Aasmaa embraces Armaan and he asks her to always stand by his side, to which she promises. They share some intimate moments together. Armaan’s mother mentions how Alia has caused trouble for Aasmaa and Armaan in the past, but everything was resolved by God’s grace.

At the registration office, Raja is called for the marriage registration. Armaan informs Aasmaa that Alia hasn’t arrived yet, even though it’s already past the appointed time. He believes that Alia doesn’t really care about Raja and was only pretending. Aasmaa hopes that Armaan is correct in his thinking. Armaan goes inside, and Raja starts to panic when he sees that Alia still hasn’t shown up. Just as Raja is about to cancel the registration process, Alia finally enters the office. Armaan sarcastically remarks that he forgot that Alia shamelessly can go anywhere. Alia explains that she is going with the flow and hoping to rectify her past mistakes.

The registrar presents the marriage papers to Alia and Raja, and they both sign them. Raja gets excited and declares that they are now officially married. Aasmaa realizes that her fears have come true, and Armaan’s decision was wrong. Alia and Raja exchange garlands, and Raja feeds Alia a sweet from his hand. Aasmaa and Armaan feel upset about how things have turned out. The Gill family is shocked to see Alia at their house. Raja performs bhangra and encourages his family members to join in. He asks them to bring jewelry and a mangalsutra for Alia.

Aasmaa confronts Armaan for making the wrong move. Armaan admits that he didn’t expect Alia to go to such lengths for her plan. Aasmaa explains that Alia knew his weakness well and took advantage of it. She warns that they have no idea what game Alia will play, not just with them but also with Raja. Armaan’s mother gives jewelry to Alia, and Raja puts the mangalsutra around her neck, declaring her as his bride. Aasmaa tells Armaan that they need to find a solution together, but Armaan doesn’t want to discuss the matter.

Aasmaa receives a call and goes inside to answer it. Meanwhile, Alia comes out clapping and laughing loudly. She reveals that she has always considered herself smart but admits that Aasmaa is even smarter for figuring out that this marriage is just another one of her games. Alia states that she has come to make Aasmaa leave both the house and Armaan’s life. She confesses that she began her plan while in jail. The episode ends with Alia explaining how she managed to get close to Raja.


Aasmaa slaps Alia and asserts that Armaan belongs to her. She vows to protect her family from all of Alia’s evil intentions. The next day, Aasmaa reveals that Alia has promised to observe a fast without even drinking water.


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