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Kyunki Saas Ma Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 12th December 2024 Written Update: Suraj forces Kabir

Kyunki Saas Ma Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 12th December 2024 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Suraj vigorously punching a punching bag, thinking about Kabir’s words. Suraj looks at himself in the mirror and silently vows to do something that will make Kabir keep his mouth shut and prevent him from revealing anything about him to Kesar.

Kabir enters Kesar’s room and finds her sleeping. Kabir feels relieved seeing her like that and decides that he should protect Kesar from Suraj. He quietly leaves the room.

Suraj approaches Kesar and declares that she only belongs to him, emphasizing that Kabir will never be able to take her away. Suraj bids her goodnight and exits the room.

The next day, Leela instructs Manoj on how to cook breakfast. Leela notices Jinal looking worried and asks her about it. Jinal asks if she has seen Ambica, but Leela replies negatively. Jinal leaves the room.

Jinal decides to inform Ambica about Aarthi’s aspirations to become their daughter-in-law and how Ansh has become blindly infatuated with her.

Kesar wakes up and leaves her room. Ambica enters Kesar’s room and reminisces about the past 20 years she has spent with Kesar. Ambica becomes emotional as she looks at her parents’ words and an empty photo frame.

Jinal finds Ambica and asks her if she is alright. Ambica reveals that she never thought she would be deprived of the right to perform Kesar’s Kanyadaan due to her Sankalp. Jinal observes Ambica and decides that it’s not the right time to disclose Aarthi’s intentions to her.

Kesar arrives and seeks blessings from Ambica and Jinal. Ambica questions Kesar about waking up late, to which Kesar responds that she slept late. Jinal leaves the room.

Ambica suggests to Kesar that they should go shopping today. Leela asks if they will go shopping with her. Kesar informs Leela and Ambica that she overheard their conversation. Kesar questions Ambica about the societal rule that prevents Ambica from performing her Kanyadaan.

Kabir contemplates how he attempted to reveal the truth about Suraj to Kesar but failed. Suraj approaches Kabir and requests him to come along, stating that he wants to talk to him. Kabir accompanies Suraj.

Kesar expresses to Ambica that her father and mother are everything to her. She acknowledges that she is nothing without Ambica and asserts that she doesn’t care about societal rules. Kesar firmly tells Ambica that only she has the right to perform her Kanyadaan. Ambica becomes emotional and embraces Kesar.

Suraj drives the car recklessly and asks Kabir if he loves Kesar. Kabir advises Suraj to slow down, warning that a child on the road might get hurt. Suraj persists in demanding an answer from Kabir. Finally, Kabir admits that he loves Kesar. Suraj stops the car, and Kabir rushes to help the child. Kabir raises his hand towards Suraj, but Suraj embraces him and questions why Kabir didn’t confess his love to Kesar. Kabir remains silent. Suraj assures Kabir that he will inform Kesar and break his own marriage with her for Kabir’s sake.

The episode ends.


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