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Suhaagan 11th December 2023 Written Update: Bindiya stops Krishna’s wrong decision

Suhaagan 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Krishna asking Baldev to make a decision. Will he choose Bindiya or his son? Baldev remains silent. Krishna takes this as his answer and is about to drink poison, but Bindiya stops him. She tells him that according to him, she is wrong, so why is he punishing himself? She fought to save her husband, but if he is not there, why should she continue fighting? Bindiya decides to leave the house and tells Baldev that Payal is more poisonous than the poison in his hand. She takes his blessing and apologizes for not being able to fulfill her promise. Baldev asks for her forgiveness, but Indu refuses to bless her. Krishna tells Bindiya that he doesn’t want to see her face anymore and asks her to leave. Bindiya steps out of the house while Payal smirks at her. Bindiya gets emotional while leaving the house. Krishna closes the door on her face, and Baldev feels emotional seeing her leave. Payal wipes her fake tears with joy.

Baldev thinks about how his favorite daughter-in-law has left the home. He brought her happily to this home, considering her as his own daughter. She did everything to save his family, and he breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Bindiya is crying in the front yard, and Baldev’s mom keeps an eye on her. Bindiya feels someone watching her and tries to walk away, but Dadi stops her by holding her saree. At the same time, Krishna gives medicine to Payal. Bindiya is shocked to see Dadi there and scared by her condition. She shouts for help, and Indu asks Sakshi about the sound. Payal wonders if Bindiya is creating a new drama. Bindiya asks Dadi to let go of her saree, but Dadi refuses. Security comes to help her, but Dadi still doesn’t let go. Bindiya tries to talk to her calmly, offering her food after she releases the saree. Everyone arrives, and the security tries to beat Dadi, but Baldev stops him.

Baldev reveals that she is his mother, leaving everyone shocked. Indu says that everything is ruined, and Bindiya stops arguing with her. Krishna asks Payal to go inside and rest, but she refuses, saying she can’t leave when something is wrong. Indu asks everyone to go inside. Dadi calms down when Baldev introduces himself to her. Bindiya helps her sit and offers water, but Baldev stops her. Dadi gets angry, but Bindiya manages to calm her down. Krishna asks Indu about this sudden entry of Dadi. Indu says she doesn’t understand it either. Vickram comments on how something new happens in this house every day, and Sakshi adds her opinion. Indu asks them not to question her now and promises to explain everything later. Dadi refuses to let go of the water bottle, and Bindiya gives her more water. Baldev asks Bindiya to take care of her. Baldev scolds the doctor for not informing them about Dadi’s disappearance and assures him that he will take her away from there at night. Bindiya notices a wound on Dadi’s leg.

The episode ends with Dadi threatening to kill Payal in the next episode.


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