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Kyunki Saas Ma Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 16th December 2023 Written Update: Macchan’s hope of recovery

Kyunki Saas Ma Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 16th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Hetal finalizing the guest list and asking Leela to review it. Hetal notices that Leela is at a beauty spa and comments on it. Ambica approaches Hetal and asks for the list. Hetal complains to Ambica about Leela going to a beauty spa. She expresses her concern about Kesar’s marriage. Leela adds her own comment.

Jinal secretly listens to Ansh in his room to find out what he’s up to. Ridhi and Leela make comments about Jinal. Ansh comes out of his room and Leela questions him about Jinal eavesdropping on him. Ansh tells Leela to ask Jinal herself. Jinal decides to reveal everything at the right time.

Kesar expresses her gratitude to the Goddess for making Ambica’s wish come true. Suraj thinks everyone is selfish because Kesar is not happy about marrying him, but she’s happy because Ambica’s wish is coming true.

Kesar asks Suraj what he’s thinking about. Suraj thanks Kesar for accepting him despite his mistakes. Kesar also thanks Suraj for always respecting her wishes and supporting her in her career. Suraj tells Kesar that if he doesn’t support her, who will? He sees it as his responsibility. Suraj considers them a team, and Kesar agrees.

Shakuntala thinks Suraj is shameless for not calling her yet. She decides to have Aarthi marry Suraj and Kabir marry Kesar to seek revenge on Ambica.

Ambica and Kabir discuss which wedding cards to use for Suraj and Kesar’s marriage. Kesar asks Ambica what she’s doing. Ambica asks Kesar to choose a wedding card for her own marriage. Kesar suggests that Kabir should select the card. Suraj interrupts and says that Kabir won’t be choosing the card. He shows them a video of Kabir confessing his love for Kesar. Ambica slaps Kabir, and Suraj pretends to stab him with a fork.

Suraj snaps out of his daydream and says that Kabir will choose the wedding card. Kabir suggests that Ambica should choose it since her dream is coming true. Ambica selects a card and gives it to Kabir.

The members of the Rajgaur family are busy making calls for Suraj and Kesar’s wedding arrangements. Suraj receives a call from Ananya.

Suraj steps aside and answers Ananya’s call. He tells her that he doesn’t want any connection with his past and asks her to stop calling him. Suraj hangs up and thinks about finding a solution to the Ananya problem.

Kabir shaves Macchan’s beard. He asks Jugni to record everything to show Macchan how much they’ve served him and make him serve them when he recovers. Jugni informs Kabir that the doctor said Macchan will recover soon. Kabir thinks that once he finds out who is responsible for Macchan’s condition, he will make their life a living hell.

Kesar contemplates how her relationships in the house will change once she gets married, but then decides against it. She makes a promise to herself that she will do everything possible to ensure that her relationships in the house remain the same after her Bidai (farewell ceremony). Suraj tells Kesar that she won’t have a Bidai.

The episode ends.


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