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Udaariyaan 15th December 2023 Written Update: Aasmaa saves Raja

Udaariyaan 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Raja packing his belongings. Alia comes over and asks him where he’s going. He remembers that Armaan told him to keep it a secret from her. Alia pretends to fall sick and asks Raja to call the doctor. After the doctor checks Alia, he says that she has low blood pressure. Alia signals to him and he asks someone to stay by her side. Raja offers to take care of her. Rano tells Alia to rest in her room and not do any work. Alia realizes that they can’t send Raja away from her. Armaan feels frustrated with his actions and thinks he’s not being a good son or husband. Sukhi refuses to eat and Chachi complains to Aasmaa that she’s causing a rift in the family. Aasmaa tells her that she’s not responsible for what happened and she loves the family more than her life. She won’t let anyone break the family and leaves.

Meanwhile, Aasmaa stops Armaan from hurting himself and he tells her that he’s losing his cool. She advises him and then Alia informs Aasmaa that she has low blood pressure and can’t work. Someone needs to take care of her, so she sends Raja to the kitchen to cook something for her. She makes a video call to Aasmaa and shows Raja working in the kitchen. She mentions that Raja poured kerosene on her last time and wonders what if he pours hot oil on himself this time. She asks Aasmaa to stop him and disconnects the call. Armaan notices Aasmaa rushing from there and prays for him. Aasmaa arrives and stops Raja, but hot oil falls on her eyes. She cries in pain and Alia pretends to help her. Everyone comes and Raja tries to explain the situation. Alia sends him inside to get ice and lies to them that Raja was hungry and she was preparing snacks for him. He started cooking when she wasn’t there and the hot oil fell on her eyes. Sukhi asks her to stop talking and suggests taking her to the hospital. Alia asks Raja not to reveal the truth to anyone as they will blame her for it. She also asks him not to inform Armaan about it.

The doctor informs everyone that Aasmaa doesn’t have any internal injuries, but they need to be careful. He advises them to put eye drops on her for the next two days. When asked why her eyes were covered, he explains that it will help her heal faster. Alia thinks that Raja shouldn’t reveal her involvement. Meanwhile, Armaan brings Aasmaa home and carries her in his arms to her room. He tells her to call him if she needs anything and asks her what actually happened. She reveals everything to him. Armaan gets angry and twists Alia’s hand, confronting her about what Aasmaa told him. Raja apologizes to Armaan and takes responsibility, saying that it was his fault that bhabhi got hurt. He consoles Armaan, but Chachi tells him that Alia was preparing snacks for Raja and he came to cook them himself. Aasmaa saved him, but ended up getting hurt. Aasmaa thinks that Alia is playing with Raja’s life.

Alia realizes that her plan has backfired and that everyone now hates Aasmaa. But she won’t allow it to happen and decides she needs to remove Raja from her life. Later, Armaan helps Aasmaa and she hugs him in fear. He advises her and feeds her food.

Episode ends.

Alia plots against Raja.


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