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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 28th December 2023 Written Update: Suraj gets admitted into the hospital

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 28th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The latest episode begins with Ridhi and Darshan having a heated argument about which side should hire the photographer. Ambica intervenes and tries to find a compromise between them.

Later, Kesar and Suraj visit Rajgaur’s mansion. The rest of the family teases them about their photoshoot. Suraj, feeling tired, decides to leave.

Meanwhile, Kabir and Jugni approach Kalpesh and ask if he has any evidence that Suraj is the one who gave him money. Kalpesh reveals that there is CCTV footage in the shop. Kabir requests Kalpesh to accompany them to the shop, but Kalpesh pleads for some time as his sister is coming home after her marriage. Kabir agrees but warns Kalpesh that they won’t hesitate to teach him a lesson if he tries to deceive them.

Ansh brings Aarthi to the dance studio and surprises her by saying that the studio now belongs to her. Aarthi hesitates to accept such an expensive gift, but Ansh clarifies that it’s actually from Suraj. Suraj had suggested that Aarthi could pay him back once she has enough students. Aarthi agrees with Ansh’s idea.

Meanwhile, the driver informs Ambica that the brakes of the maroon car have failed. He offers to bring a mechanic. Ambica agrees to his suggestion.

Ambica warns Kesar not to use the car with faulty brakes. Kesar agrees and thanks Ambica for her concern. Later, Ambica brings food to Suraj and expresses how blessed she feels to have two children like Kesar and Suraj. However, Suraj becomes angry and confronts Ambica, demanding that she choose between him and Kesar. Ambica remains silent, which further infuriates Suraj, prompting him to storm off.

Ignoring Ambica’s warning, Suraj takes the keys to the car with the faulty brakes and leaves. Ambica desperately tries to stop him, but he pays no heed to her. Kesar informs Kabir about the situation, and they decide to chase after Suraj in another car, with Ansh following on his bike.

Ansh tries to signal Suraj to stop, but Suraj ignores him. Kesar sends Suraj a voice message, warning him that the car’s brakes have failed and advising him to head towards the playground. Suraj receives the message and panics.

As Ansh rides ahead, he notices a herd of goats crossing the road and signals Suraj to turn left. Suraj, however, tells Ansh to get out of his way and continues driving straight. Eventually, Suraj takes the left turn and ends up getting into an accident.

The Rajgaur family rushes Suraj to the hospital. Suraj regains consciousness briefly while being taken on a stretcher. Hetal questions Ambica about why she didn’t inform Suraj about the faulty brakes as she had told Kesar. Suraj is then taken into the ICU. Ambica reminds Hetal that she did try to warn Suraj, but he didn’t listen to her.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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