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Kavya 27th December 2023 Written Update: Adi gets released from jail

Kavya 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Kavya agreeing to Giriraj’s proposal. She tells him that she will convince Adi that she left him for her career, but in exchange, she wants him to disclose the locations of the illegal alcohol manufacturing hideouts. Giriraj questions why he should help her, to which Kavya responds by explaining the benefit for him. She believes that by doing this, it will prove that her work holds more importance to her than her love for Adi. Eventually, Giriraj agrees to provide her with the information, and Kavya leaves.

Upon returning home, Rajiv confronts Kavya about her decision to sacrifice her life and career for Adi. Kavya reassures Rajiv that she will leave Adi and even swears on it.

Kavya then calls Omi and asks if Adi has been released from jail. Omi questions Kavya’s lack of trust in them, but she admits her doubts. Omi offers to let her see Adi through a video call, but abruptly ends the conversation when Kavya tries to make the call.

Adi is finally released from jail and asks Malini why Kavya hasn’t come to meet him. Giriraj steps in, stating that they don’t know where Kavya is. Adi decides to go and find her himself.

Meanwhile, the police announce Adi’s release, as he has been proven innocent and the real murderer has turned himself in.

Kajri, upon hearing the news, calls Kavya to apologize for her previous outburst. She informs Kavya about Adi’s release, but Kavya already knows and ends the call.

Anjali takes Rajiv aside and questions whether he believes he made the right decision. Rajiv defends himself, stating that he is only trying to prevent Kavya from making a wrong choice in a life partner.

Adi arrives at Kavya’s house to meet her, but Rajiv intervenes and tells him to leave, not wanting any drama. Adi insists on seeing Kavya and reminds her of her previous agreement. However, Kavya scolds him, blaming him for almost jeopardizing her job. She accuses him of being impulsive and reckless. Adi apologizes, acknowledging his mistake, but pleads with Kavya not to speak to him in such a harsh manner. Kavya firmly states that they cannot be together anymore, contradicting her previous agreement. Rajiv then escorts Adi away from the house.

In the upcoming episode, Kavya slaps Omi and makes a comment about him. Adi questions Kavya’s sanity, and she responds by saying she cannot be with someone who doesn’t value her work. Adi counters, stating that he cannot be with someone who sees love as an obstacle.

And that’s how the episode ends.

Precap: Kavya slaps Omi and makes a remark. Adi questions her sanity, and Kavya declares that she cannot be with someone who doesn’t appreciate the importance of her work. Adi responds by saying he cannot be with someone who views love as a hindrance.


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