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Lauv’s “Love Somebody” is laced with Bollywood-ian melodies courtesy Aksh Baghla

As Indians, we derive a definite sense of pride when a fraction of our culture is represented internationally. Be it the tabla undertone in “Come and get it” by Selena Gomez or Pitbull featuring alongside Priyanka Chopra in “Exotic”.

As the internet makes the world a smaller place, international collaborations are quite common these days. In a long line of international collaborations is a new entrant, Aksh Baghla.

Who is this Aksh guy?

Aksh is an Indie Mashup artist who is well known for his covers on YouTube. He first tasted fame when he did the Indian version of 1 Guy, 30 Voices. At the momet, Aksh happens to have 2.5 million followers and looking at his potential, there will be a lot more people subscribing to his channel in the days to follow.

Aksh, alongside Lauv, mashed up Love Somebody – Lauv’s latest track – with evergreen Bollywood songs like “Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum”, and “Tere Bin Nahi Lagda Dil Mera Dholna”.

To listeners worldwide, the mashup is so seamless that it starts feeling like a whole new song by itself. Listeners have reviewed it to be the perfect road trip track.

Post the mashup, Lauv thanked his Indian fans for all the love he has received and promised them that he will be back in India when it is safe to do so. He also promised his fans latest new tracks and exciting music in the months to come.

Wrapping it up

Yet again, Indian music stands on the global pedestal making sure the world knows that Bollywood has some of the finest melodies in the world and it would be a travesty if the world remained privy to it.


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