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Pandya Store 11th December 2023 Written Update: Natasha finally leaves Makwana house

Pandya Store 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Amba praying for Natasha to leave their house. Amresh asks Amba why she seems worried. Amba explains that the person who influenced Dhawal to divorce Natasha was right. Amresh mentions that Dhawal won’t change his decision as he promised to give Pandya Store to Natasha in return for the divorce. Bhavin overhears their conversation. After wiping off Natasha’s sindoor (vermillion mark on the forehead), Natasha says there’s still one thing left to do. Amresh tells Amba about his conversation with Dhawal. Bhavin questions Amresh’s decision to give away Pandya Store and change the mall’s design.

Amba tells Bhavin that he doesn’t use his brain enough, which is why he keeps losing in business. She believes that sacrificing Pandya Store is worth it to maintain peace in the family. Amresh says he has a plan. Natasha shows Dhawal their bridal picture, which she wanted to gift him, and they place it in the room together. Isha wonders why relationships are being broken like this. She worries that Natasha and Dhawal’s broken relationship will affect her equation with Chiku too. She realizes Chiku is not even talking to her. Natasha breaks the photo frame, and the sound alerts all the family members. Amba worries about Dhawal’s safety.

Isha is unsure about what to do and whether she should talk to Chiku. She wonders how she can explain that they took Pandya Store from Natasha and now Dhawal is divorcing her too. Natasha tears their photo and gives Dhawal his half. She puts vermillion on both of them and tells him that she has returned everything that belonged to him. Natasha advises him to think twice before entering into another relationship because playing with someone’s heart can ruin their life. He grabs Natasha’s hand and drags her outside.

As they walk away, their footprints with the vermillion from earlier are left on the floor. At the Pandya house, Suman informs the lawyer about changes she made in the will. Chiku asks why the lawyer is there, and Mithu explains that Suman is getting the will made. Sesh reveals that he is not satisfied with just giving Pandya Store to Natasha, so he is also giving her the house. He says that Suman can go to an old age home, but they will end up on the streets. Suman scolds him for speaking nonsense against his own sister. Suman decides to name the house to all three of them, but they have to take care of Natasha.

Chiku promises Suman that he will stay by Natasha’s side. Hetal urges Amba to stop Dhawal, but instead, she gets scolded. The song “Judaai” plays as Dhawal pushes Natasha outside the Makwana house. She looks at him in pain as he closes the gate on her face. He remembers opening the gate for Natasha when she had come. Natasha touches the floor to seek blessings. The episode ends with both of them in pain.


Dhawal will tell Amresh that the trouble in the house is now gone. He ignores Amresh’s attempt to hug him. Suman tells Natasha that the Makwana family took advantage of them for their own benefit, and now they will face the consequences of their actions.


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