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Pandya Store 4th December 2023 Written Update: Dhawal feels heartbroken to find Amresh’s truth

Pandya Store 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Amresh stating that Pandya Store had to be broken no matter what. Dhawal laughs out loudly and tells Amresh that he is supporting the wrong side. He questions Amresh about his knowledge of the kidnappers who work with him and how he managed to get the signatures on the file in a hurry. Dhawal sarcastically applauds Amresh for his masterplan. Amresh angrily retorts that this is his plan and asks Dhawal to defend himself. Isha is in tears. Dhawal asks Amresh why he did this. Amba advises Dhawal to think before speaking.

Dhawal reveals that Amresh used him as a shield to attack Natasha. He wonders how he always trusted Amresh and believed in his judgment, but now Natasha is right. Amresh admits that he always knew Dhawal’s marriage was for the sake of Pandya Store. Isha is shocked to hear this. Dhawal expresses gratitude towards Amresh for arranging his marriage with Natasha. He states that Pandya Store is not just a shop, but it has also supported Natasha’s family, and by destroying it, Amresh has killed Natasha again.

Dhawal questions Amresh about who will be responsible if Suman’s health deteriorates due to what happened to Pandya Store. The Pandyas bring the remaining products and the store’s name board back home. They all feel emotionally drained. Amresh asks Dhawal if he is only concerned about Suman’s health, but what if something happens to him due to the stress. He continues to ask what they have done wrong to Natasha, as she herself promised to give them Pandya Store once Suman recovers. Amresh reminds Dhawal that they are incurring losses every day and their house is on loan.

Amresh explains that if the mall doesn’t get constructed, he will have to go to jail, and the entire family will end up on the streets. He shows Dhawal the loan amount they owe. Amresh tells Dhawal that he needs to think logically since Dhawal is someone who thinks emotionally. Dhawal argues that taking the store by fraud was morally wrong. He believes that Natasha, being a better commerce student, would have understood if he had shown her the loan details. Dhawal blames Amresh for sacrificing one family to save another.

Suman asks her children for forgiveness. She asks her grandsons to forgive Natasha, as she must have done everything under pressure. However, Sesh refuses to forgive her. Amresh tells Dhawal that he has become heartless and will do anything for their family. He doesn’t care about being accused of being wrong. Dhawal states that he cannot let Natasha break any further. Amba slaps Dhawal and calls him shameless for forgetting what Amresh has done for him. Dhawal sits alone, thinking about Natasha’s allegations and her decision to separate. He cries helplessly as he remembers the demolition of Pandya Store and Amresh’s confession. The episode ends with Dhawal wondering how he will rectify everything, as one side is Natasha and the other side is Amresh.


Natasha will be leaving the Makwana house when Amba questions her about where she is going. Amresh arrives and tells her that he had already informed her that she cannot separate Dhawal from him. Dhawal hands over divorce papers to Natasha.


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