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Jhanak 4th December 2023 Written Update: Anirudh is asked to marry Jhanak

Jhanak 4th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode of Jhanak, she desperately wants to escape from Tejas’ clutches. Fortunately, a helpful girl offers her a plan. The girl will disguise herself as a bride, confusing Tejas and giving Jhanak an opportunity to flee during the chaos of the wedding. Jhanak worries about the safety of the girl, but promises to return to rescue her. Meanwhile, Anirudh and Rahul set off to rescue Jhanak from Tejas’ palace, and Bharat prepares to attend the wedding to ensure Jhanak’s safety.

Jhanak prepares to escape and walks down the aisle. However, Tejas stops her, mistaking her for Rukmini. He scolds her for disobeying him and orders her to go to Jhanak’s room. Jhanak seizes the chance to escape and starts running. Rukmini advises her to keep running until she reaches the main road. As Jhanak runs, she remembers Urvashi’s words and the memories they shared.

Meanwhile, Bharat arrives at Tejas’ palace for the wedding and asks if there are any issues. Tejas confidently claims that he has calmed Jhanak’s anger. The priest calls Tejas to the stage to begin the marriage ritual.

On the way, Anirudh and Rahul spot Jhanak running frantically. Rahul gets out of the car and offers her relief. Jhanak shares her successful escape from Tejas with them. However, they are unsure where to keep Jhanak for the night. Jhanak insists on staying at her own wedding venue.

Finally, Tejas unveils the bride’s face and realizes that Rukmini has betrayed him. He confronts Rukmini and demands to know where Jhanak is. Rukmini lies, claiming that Jhanak is locked in a room. Meanwhile, Jhanak arrives in a village and seeks shelter for the night, but no one is willing to take the risk.

In the upcoming episode, Anirudh will be forced to marry Jhanak to protect her from Tejas’ harm. They will make arrangements for the wedding, although Anirudh is reluctant. Jhanak promises not to claim any rights as his wife. Meanwhile, Tejas will file a complaint against Jhanak at the police station.

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